Black Friday

My wife is burning up her Ipad looking at websites to find awesome gifts on Black Friday sales. She keeps asking me if she should buy this or that. She’s really excited. I’m happy she is in a good mood today because yesterday…

Thanksgiving in Paris. That was fun in theory. I brought all of my kids and the other 2 nannies with me to France. I asked them if they wanted to spend it with their own families and they said no since we are all about to be split up in January. That was very nice of them. I paid them all extra Lol We had a horrible plane ride from Chicago to NYC. However, on the flight from NYC into Paris no problems at all. Peace was content sleeping or being held. The boys were both kept super busy with distractions or walking around a little. We all tried really hard to make it without any huge meltdowns. The only meltdown we had was from my wife texting me nonstop while I was over the ocean.

My wife is VERY pregnant. We are 31 weeks in. This means we have 9 weeks to go and she is freaking the F out Lol She said she has been to the doctor twice since she moved there. That freaks me out until I find out she just had a bad stomach ache or she is having really bad back spasms. I scheduled massages for everyone to try to help. She said she has calmed down so we are going to make that a weekly thing. She just can’t get comfortable.

According to her, MY LARGE SON is crushing her bones from the inside out Lol Yes he is a little longer and bigger than an average baby. She knew this going in. I warned her before we started trying for a baby. She said she’ll just get drugs and won’t feel a thing. She seems to forget she’s the growing vessel that holds him in and she will be feeling him grow. She loves being pregnant. She wants more kids. She also wants smaller babies and unfortunately that won’t happen with me. The whole flight over she kept telling me how she can’t sit down. She can’t stand long. She can’t sleep well. I told her I had bought this pillow thing that helps pregnant women sleep instead of the body pillow she has been trying and we will try that. She told me SHE DOES NOT WANT IT. I said well we are going to at least try it out. She said NO. I said I’m not arguing we are going to try it. PERIOD. That went over well.

We landed got through security got our bags outside and there she was. I was so happy to see her. We hugged and kissed a few times. I asked where my dog was she said she decided to leave him home this time. That’s okay. We loaded everything up and off we went. HOME.

We got inside and my dog went nuts seeing me. I missed him so much guys! We got the kids settled and got them all a snack then started unpacking the things that needed to be put up. It was so good to see Brandi. She is the fun one. She always makes all of us laugh and I’m glad she’s happy living in Paris. She gets days off. She has been helping my wife out with decorating and shopping. She said she loves it there. She was going to go home for Thanksgiving but decided to stay. All of my girls back together again…let the picking on me constantly begin!

We had a great meal. Man was that good. Turkey, tofurkey, sides, appetizers, desserts. We have a fridge full of leftovers still. Everyone was so happy to be together again. I thanked them all and thanked our new staff. We invited our security team over for the meal. I handed out Christmas bonuses because I want them to have their money sooner so they can spend it however they like. My wife said I gave them all too much but I don’t care. I really appreciate everyone taking such good care of me, her, and our kids. I love them all and want them to feel special and appreciated. I try my best to always make sure they feel like family.

We got everyone ready for bed and it was bed time for us. I pulled out the new pillow. She threw it down. I got out of bed and picked it up. I said just try it please it’s for Talon too. He wants mommy to try it. That worked Lol Somehow. She laid down and lights out 4 minutes later after she told me she hated it. I had wanted some Hi I’m here sex but I also saw how uncomfortable she had been so I let that go. We made up for it this morning Lol Don’t worry we are always all over each other. We are still newly married and in that phase. I hope that never goes away.

When she woke up she said it just felt right. She said it felt like it cupped her in the position she needed to be in. Now she loves it and wants to order a second one just to have on hand. No problem. It will be here next week.

Today all we did was hang out at the house. I did not want to drag the kids anywhere when they are still trying to get on schedule. I don’t like seeing my babies struggle to sleep. I know this is a short trip here and we will have to do this again at Christmas but I was really hoping by coming over Wednesday it would be easier on them. Maybe we need to come over on Tuesday instead? I don’t know.

Tomorrow we are all going out for a tour of the city. I set that up with a guide that will help my wife and Brandi find other places to go. They are sticking around our suburb for now because they are both a little nervous to venture out. Thankfully a lot of people do speak english and when she stumbles on her words she said they have been very nice. I think it’s because she’s at least trying to speak french and fit in. She said the neighbors have been hanging out with them a little and I’m very happy to hear that. She said the pets are doing great. She thinks her cat Tristan loves it there because there’s much more traffic and people walking by to enjoy some window time. I’m glad to hear that. I think that cat hates me or at the most tolerates me.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I got all of your well wishes and messages. I just answered you all back. Thank you guys for thinking of me and our family. Now go shopping! Enjoy the sales and make sure you spend quality time with the people you love this weekend! I will update more tomorrow!

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  1. My baby was just as troublesome in the last trimester. I could barely sleep, sit, stand, walk–anything!

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