Busy like Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo

I’m back home and work is busy, home life is busy, my kids are all busy. It’s a crazy pace this week. We have all been helping my wife pack up all of the things she wants to take over to the new house. The movers finished things up and the shipping company is already here getting it all put into this huge truck. She is taking a lot of furniture she wants to keep.

Guys my wife’s closet is empty. I can’t believe it. She has more stuff than all of us combined Lol She has been shopping up a storm the last year and a half. We found so many things with the tags still on it. I didn’t say anything. I did give her a little look which she immediately got defensive about. I also found out that I have most likely ruined her body and she may never fit into any of those dresses again. I’m pretty sure she was a very willing participant in that and I know she will fit in them again. If she doesn’t I don’t care.

Tomorrow I am taking my wife and Sarah to Paris for the weekend. I want Sarah to at least have a look at what we can offer. I do realize this is just a free trip for her and she’s not going to change her mind but I have to at least try one more time before I drop it for good. The kids are going to their grandparents so that Heather isn’t all alone with 3 kids. That’s not fair. Whenever they go over there all of my wife’s sisters head over to help out. When we go pick up the kids they come home with bags full of new stuff Lol I don’t think they understand they already have more than enough stuff. It’s very nice though and we always bring it home.

I feel like I haven’t even recovered from our last trip. I miss my dog bad so it’s going to be fun to see him again. I hope he’s doing okay. Brandi said she’s been taking him for walks 3 times a day just so she can look around the neighborhood.

I will be off social media again this weekend. I did get a lot of messages returned. Thanks for all the well wishes on our trip last week and our move. I will finish returning messages tonight.

Have a great Thursday everyone! I need to get to work.


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