Gearing up for the weekend

Since my wife has been in Paris our house is a disaster Lol I tend to pile things up on the kitchen table and plan to get it all cleaned up some time on the weekend. This time it’s so bad I had to clean it up last night. We couldn’t even eat there. Sarah said as soon as I got home last night can you pick up the table we need to set the table. I said just move my stuff onto a chair. She said have you noticed how much stuff is on it?



Sorry, hold on Lol

I have been working all week and tonight I finally get to stay home with the kiddos until Monday. I miss my wife very much. We all do. The boys  keep asking for mommy. We Facetime her but it’s not the same. Thankfully we will all be going to Paris next week to spend our very first Thanksgiving in our new home. I’m really excited about that. We invited my wife’s family over but they want to stay home and that’s okay. Her parents have stopped by a few times to see how things are going. I tell them that I am struggling to balance everything and that the kids are wearing me out. That’s as honest as I can relate it. This week is a crusher. I’m so tired but I still have a lot to do.

Tonight I promised the girls we would get pizza so I’m stopping to pick it up on the way home. Sarah wants to try something different so I told her to just call in their order.

I need to get to work. I started writing this at home this morning but Peace woke up and then the boys got up so I didn’t finish writing it.

I will update more later. Have a great Friday everyone! Love ya’ll!

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