Happy Thanksgiving 2017 from the Coopers!

This year Thanksgiving will be in Paris France at our new home. Tomorrow I am loading up all of the kids and nannies and off we go. It’s going to be an adventure flying that many hours with 3 kids. I’m going to loss my sh** at some point along the way I’m sure but hopefully once we get there things will go back to normal and we get to see my wife. That’s my goal for travel day. My wife will be 31 weeks pregnant on Thursday and we both had decided we did not want her flying back and forth for the holidays. Her family was not very supportive of the idea but she made that final decision. It is her body, our baby and I supported what she felt was safest and best for them both.

I’m really excited to see the boys enjoy the new house. Their rooms are completely done. My wife has worked very hard this week making sure the last few things got unpacked for them. The baby nursery is ready for peace and Talon. I’m bringing over some of the things that she had ordered before she left. It’s going to be a lot of fun to see what she has done to our house. She is not working right now and she said it’s driving her crazy so she keeps busy by shopping for things and decorating. Whatever she wants to do, I just say Yes. There’s no arguing with her anyway so I don’t even try. We Facetime a few times a day but it’s not the same. I want to see her and kiss her so badly. I miss my wife. It is so hard being so far away from her.

She has ordered all of our meal that way I didn’t have to get there and start cooking right away. I will be cooking a few things that are traditional for myself and the kids. Vegan traditions that I want to carry on forever. Everyone else will be enjoying a turkey dinner plus many, many fixings. My wife said she just ordered everything they had because she said we would eat off of the leftovers for days anyway. Great planning.

I miss my dog guys. It’s hard. He’s my buddy. I miss the cat too but he’s actually likes me Lol

I want to wish everyone celebrating a Happy Thanksgiving. We gave ALL of our employees Wednesday off for a paid travel day. They come back to work on Monday. I did not want anyone having to rearrange schedules around and miss out on family time. I know how valuable it is. We announced that last month so that everyone we well aware.

I hope your travels are safe and fast. I pray my kids don’t scream, cry, or throw a fit the entire ride over the ocean Lol Wish us luck.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! We love you all!

The Coopers

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