Paris Trip

We had a great Thanksgiving and the rest of the trip was a lot of fun. We were able to go sight seeing and show the girls around. They had never been to the places we went to and I wanted them to know all of these great stores and shops are very close by. I’m glad we took the time to show them. My wife said Well get your credit card ready now mister Lol Great. Just what I love to hear 🙁

The kids love being with mommy again. They missed her so much. I told them another few weeks and we will go back to spend Christmas with her. That’s when I have to decide. I plan to move over January 2nd. Do I leave my kids there or do I haul them back and forth within a few days? My wife is mad that I won’t be spending New Year’s Eve with her but I told her I have so much to take care of before we go. She said well go back after Christmas and get it done then come home. I need to figure something out. I do want to be with her to start the new year. It would be a lot of fun to go see the fireworks downtown in Paris. I just don’t think I can get it all done by then. She was getting mad but I told her I would figure it all out. I do have plenty of time to rethink my schedule. Plus making a pregnant wife mad is never a good thing.

We left in the afternoon and got home yesterday afternoon. We stayed in NYC for a few hours to go see the Christmas tree and to also hit the 2 toy stores that I knew my boys would love. I try to give them a break after such a long flight I don’t want to rush them into another hours long sitting adventure. They had fun and walked out with 2 toys each. Peace got 2 new toys as well but she wasn’t as enthusiastic about hers Lol I know when she’s old enough to pick out her own stuff she will be much happier.

I can’t believe how big my daughter has gotten. She is so cute. We get a lot of compliments on her outfits which helps a lot because in the mornings when I dress her I have to ask Sarah does this look right. Does this look okay?

Half the time I get the shirt right but the pants are all wrong. I have no idea what I’m doing. Thankfully I have help for that girl stuff.

My wife has bought so much baby stuff. Some for Talon some for Peace. They are both going to be very well stocked up once we have both of them at home.

My wife’s family are all unhappy she won’t be back for Christmas but I told them all this was her choice. I offered for her to stay in the states and have the baby her. She said no. She wanted him born in France. I’m fine with that. I think that would be a good fit for our family.

So now I have a few weeks to get my things ready to move. I couldn’t be happier to be leaving my job. All of my companies are in a great spot financially and I know Lindsay will run things at a good pace. She will expand but not too fast. I told her if she opens up in a bunch of new cities too fast we will lose it all. She said Duhh I’m not stupid and told me to get in the car and STFU. That was the last talk we had about work things.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Back to work for me. I have no more out-of-town trips until my Dubai trip in December. My wife was going to go but with the last doctor’s checkup we both decided no way. Lindsay will be going with me to Dubai this year. Dave won’t be coming with her. They are in some sort of kerfuffle over who knows what this time. It might be because Ben is hanging out with them more and more. I wouldn’t put up with that sh** Lol No way. It’s cool to be friends and be friendly if you randomly bump into them. But to invite your ex over for dinner a few times a month, that’s wrong. I don’t know why she does it.

I need to get going to work. Have a great work week everyone!

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