She’s done working for now

My beautiful pregnant wife Abby is done working for now. She put in her notice 2 weeks ago and finished her last day yesterday. She was emotional when I picked her up from work. She had 2 boxes of stuff that I carried to the Range for her. She said it was a lot of hugs and 2 don’t go please. I know how important she is to the firm but she wants to move. We both want to raise our kids in Paris.

This weekend we will be going to Paris for 4 days. The kids will stay home. We are going to check out the house and make sure she has everything she needs. We also get to tour the hospital where Talon will be born. We have to register and get all of her medical records over to our new o.b. doc. I’m excited to see the hospital. We are taking one of our nannies with us and she will stay there and get things done. My wife will be moving permanently on November 11th. The sooner we get her over there the better. She’s going to take the dog and the cat because they will have to be checked out. I’m taking them both to get their shots updated tomorrow and make sure I have copies of all of their vet records. We can’t enter the country with them unless I can prove they are up to date. They will be soon.

Yesterday was a lot of fun. We had our Halloween office party at lunch time. I lost the apple toss by 2 apples. I was so mad Lol It’s okay though. 2nd place is still pretty good. We gave out prizes for best costume, scariest costume, and most creative costume. We also gave our prizes for the various games we played. I think having fun at holidays gives everyone a break and lets my employees see that I’m not all about work work work. Everyone said they had a good time I cut the day short at 3pm. We had to clean things up and get rid of all of the game stuff.

We got home from work a little later than I thought. We stopped to pick up pizza. We were allowed to trick or treat until 8pm. I took my boys out around 2 blocks. We only went to the neighbors that I know. It was cold and I don’t think they need that much candy. Afterwards we took their bags up to the hospital to get them all xrayed. I hate that’s the world we live in but I would rather do all I can and not ever put them in harm’s way if I can help it. No bad candies which I expected. There was 2 pieces in Heston’s bag that the wrappers came off and I threw them both away. He was pretty pissed Lol They each got to eat 2 pieces. They will get one piece a day until it’s all gone OR until the girls eat it all up. I told them feel free to munch on it all because I really didn’t want them eating a lot of it. The boys did have fun and tried very hard to get out the Trick or Treat. It sort of came out Twip tweep Lol Close enough. My little Batman and Robin had fun. Keep in mind they had already been to 5 different Halloween parties by that time. That’s also why we only did 2 blocks. I was over it.

We got home and handed out candy to the rest of the kids. We gave away the big candy bars. Close to 9 when the last few kids were coming through I started giving out 3 big candy bars each Lol I just wanted it gone. My wife had already eaten 3 big Milky ways by then and told me just get rid of it I’m going to sugar rush Peanut Lol

We all had a great time. The nannies took off to their friends parties after I got back with the boys. Sarah had already got Peace down for the night and by the time she got back from her party Peace was up so I didn’t have to get up to feed her.

All the kids are doing great. Talon is growing and growing. My wife is happy to be off of her feet for a while. She said her legs would cramp up if she was standing too much. I told her don’t get up this morning I would just grab breakfast on my way to work. I stopped at Native Cafe and got my favorite. Always delicious.

My work trips are done. The only 3 trips I have left this year are 2 to Paris and one to Dubai. My wife is thinking about coming with me to Dubai this year. If she does I’m taking twice the amount of security with me. I want to make sure she is okay.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! We all did. Can’t wait for Thanksgiving this year. We will be in Paris for the holiday weekend. It’s going to be a lot of fun to show the kids the new house. I can’t wait!

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