Getting ready for Christmas

Yesterday I spent the whole day making things. I first started out with making some home-made chocolate Christmas treats. I had to do that early in the morning while the kids were still asleep. They love to help but when you are trying to melt chocolate and have 2 little guys holding onto each leg asking to help out it can get frustrating. I decided to just get it done on my own and hope for the best. The girls said everything tasted great so we packaged them and delivered them to all of our neighbors as gifts. I also included cards that I had my wife sign too and a few gift cards to places around the area. That’s the best we can do for them since we are moving soon. I told them all we really enjoyed living near them and asked them all to watch out after my place. No one will be allowed to stay there and if anyone does, please let me know via email right away. It felt good strolling my kids over to each house and having my boys hand over their gift bags full of goodies. My boys love that and really enjoy all of the hugs and thanks you back. It’s heart warming for me.

Next up we decided to start on our home-made christmas card project. My wife bought us a kit and asked that we get the kids hand print and foot prints on each of the cards in the precise (And she meant it) location that already had an outline. That was hard and thankfully the kit came with 10 cards cuz I burned right through the first 4 trying to get wiggly little Peace’s foot on there Lol She thought it was hilarious but I was trying hard to just get it down. I had set up an entire painter’s plastic cloth on the kitchen floor so we could make a huge mess but trying to wrangle all 3 kids covered in fingerpaint was a lot harder than I thought it would be I ended up having to take a shower afterwards myself We had fun and I just uploaded all of those photos to our family Facebook page. Enjoy those. They are really funny. Sarah had hand prints on the front of her shirt. She made a lewd comment about harassment and I said “Hey they don’t even know to grab for those yet” Lol Or maybe they do? Leave it to my boys to figure that out early.

I am missing my wife really bad right now. I can’t wait to see her. Here’s our plan.

Friday afternoon we are flying to Paris. It will be our very first Christmas in our new home. We will stay there until the 26th. After MUCH DEBATE and literally 2 weeks full of discussion I conceded and agreed to allow the kids to stay there. I really didn’t want to but the time frame of flying back and forth might be too much for them. Especially Peace. We are leaving on the 22nd because I have to fly Sarah and Heather home on the 23rd so they can go to their family Christmas events. I need help getting all 3 kids over. There’s no way in heck I would attempt that alone Lol I’m not that dumb. They agreed and I am giving them both 2 REALLY BIG FAT Christmas bonuses for doing so. Plus paying for their travel expenses and tickets to their families. Brandi will also be flying home on the 23rd with them. She will be returning on the 27th, which means it’s just me and my wife with all 3 kids for Christmas until the morning of the 26th. When I leave the part-time nannies will be there and they will help until Brandi gets home.

It really is a lot to remember thank goodness I keep it all in my Iphone calendar (Ical) otherwise I would mess everything up. My wife’s family are not happy we won’t be home but with her being so close to giving birth I’m not taking any chances. Plus she literally can no longer fly. It’s not an option. They can have us next year with Talon. I think that would be more fun.

My wife looks like she just finished eating 10 foot long subs Lol She’s beautiful and round. I have another word in mind but I know better. I’m well trained at this point.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I went to Church this morning by myself. Everyone slept in and I hit the early Mass. It was fun. I really enjoyed it. I found out which Church my wife wants us to join in Paris. I’m not at all happy about it. It’s a traditional Roman Catholic Church and I think we need to talk about that. She isn’t sold on it and just wants me to go check it out with her. This is be our Home Church. It needs to be within our faith and values not within a close branch of faith. I am NOT Roman Catholic and I really do not want to ever go back through that Church system again. All of my schooling until college was through the RC’s and it was not cool at all. I’m surprised I stuck it out with the Catholic Church Lol I have had my moments. My wife and I do want to raise all of our children as Catholic and until they are of an age and can give us good reasons they no longer want to attend, their butts will be in Church every Sunday.

I need to wrap this up. We have the family Christmas presents to deliver today and then Monday night we are going to deliver the friends gifts. It’s going to be an all day event today. And I’m supposed to Skype my wife from my phone so she can see everyone’s reactions to their gifts. We have to take 3 vehicles to get all the kids and all of the gifts. I spent probably an hour packing the trucks up so that we go based on gift order Lol I have a list that Sarah made of our schedule for today and we need to get going.

Isn’t Christmas fun?!? It sure seems like a lot of hard work this year, geez.

Adios, amigos/amigas!

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