It’s Dubai Time again

I have a lot going on in the next few days. A lot of change in plans but we are trying to work everything out.

Lindsay is in town. I just picked her up at the airport. I had to wake up Sarah to let her know to watch the kids until I got back. As soon as I was leaving Heather woke up too so that makes me feel a lot better.

The first thing Lindz said to me was “Yeah Hi, can you make me french toast with powdered sugar on it as soon as we get back to your place?

Hello, yes I can Lol

I asked if she had a craving for it or why she wanted that and I got shushed. Lindsay has been in Mexico for a few days. She always buys my kids things while she’s there. She usually has it all shipped to my house then I have to figure out how to wash, clean, or even what to do with the things. I appreciate it and my kids love presents but it’s too much stuff. We are trying to downsize before our big move. She doesn’t care.

Today we are going to spend a few hours with the kids. We are going to pack up my kids and take them to their grandparents house. They will be there until tomorrow afternoon when my cousin Tyson flies into town to pick them up. From Sunday until Friday of next week my kids are going to Lincoln, Nebraska to spend their “Christmas” with my side of the family. We will be taking the kids to Paris for Christmas.

This is the 12th plan my wife has decided is the “Final PLAN”. At least for today.

Lindsay and I are flying to Dubai tonight. We will be there until Friday morning of next week. It’s my annual business trip and this year she wants to go with me. Last year I took Sarah. Sarah loved it but wants to use this week off to get her new apartment ready to move into. She has a lot of things moved into it already and she’s also been shopping for things. She’s moving into it January 1st. That’s a solid plan. Heather will be moving into her apartment on December 27th. She is going to her family’s house for Xmas and when she gets back she will be moving the rest of her clothes.

On December 22nd after work I will be taking my kids to Paris. They are moving there officially. That’s what my wife has decided and we have all our paperwork with that specific date on it now. To me we can’t change it. Well, I’m sure we can but I don’t want to. So the kids and I will be going there and the kids will stay.

I will be in Paris from Dec 22 until Dec 26th. I will fly back and get the rest of our lives buttoned up. Finally. I will stay until January 3rd and finish all of my legal/work/family/friends/whatever things left on my Take Care of it list. This include FINALLY getting my 2 condos in a pocket listing. My wife insisted that we don’t sell them until after Xmas because she has family coming into town and she wants them to use the condos to stay. Fine by me. They can also stay in our house and she said well she already filled up the house with other family members that are flying in Lol Okay, good to know I guess.

This also means that from Dec 26 until January 3rd I won’t see my babies and I won’t be spending New Year’s Eve with my wife. She is not happy but in order for me to wrap up the last 10 years of my Chicago life as well as move the rest of my things for our big move I need that week. She says as long as I promised this was the ONLY NYE that I miss in our marriage, I did. I don’t see any other holiday we won’t be together for. I hope so anyway.

That’s the plan. For today Lol She will probably change it.

The good thing about going to Dubai is on our way back home we are going to stop in Paris for 2 days. I want to check on her and Talon. I also miss my dog and I want to make sure we have absolutely everything ready for Christmas. We have to plan everything way in advance because my wife may literally going into labor at any time. She is healthy, she is fine, but we also watched a lot of videos and some times the baby comes early. I hope not but if it throws off our schedule I want my other kids to be well taken care of and able to enjoy everything while we are dealing with Talon’s birth. We are very VERY prepared for his birth. We have lists of lists Lol

Now that we negotiated (My wife told me) the schedule we have everything ready. I just need to finish packing, take my kids out for lunch and then the toy store before Lindz and I take off. She is happy to be back here. My kids love her to death. She can make Peace laugh just by talking. It’s the Australian accent I’m sure. My boys crawl all over her and they all have a great time playing Ducky Wucky. It’s some weird game and they just love it. I am not allowed to play it. I can only watch and referee when someone gets tagged out.

Big huge sigh, this week is going to be crazy. Our flight is almost 13 hours, some of which I wanted to sleep but Lindsay said she has to go over a lot of things that will be happening to our companies in January. She has a plan.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I don’t know when I will be updating again. Maybe in Dubai. I’m not sure. Wish us luck on a great business trip! Love ya’ll!

P.S. And yes I made the french toast as soon as we got back here Lol

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