Getting back into routine

Since we brought Talon home I have been busier than ever. My wife was still on bed rest a few days after we got home from the hospital. She was not feeling the best. She said today she feels a lot better and will be venturing out for the first time since being home. She just wants to go to the store. She doesn’t know what for but she just wants to. Fine by me. Again, whatever my wife wants she can have. Especially after such a hard time with delivery. I’m so happy Talon is here! It really changes the home a lot. Having 2 little babies at once is hard but we have a little routine going on. Talon gets fed the same or close to the time that Peace gets fed. Peace and my boys all get showers or baths around the same time and get put to bed at the same time. We feed Talon a few times over night when he wakes up and is hungry. Peace usually sleeps almost all night now but still has woken up because her little brother wakes her up.

We put Talon in the little room next to our bedroom and we moved Peace into the room next to him. My twins are down the hallway. All of my kids are on the same floor as us to make it much easier. The nannies live upstairs and have to go up and down the stairs if they need something from their rooms. Everything is going great. And then…

My wife decides we need to move Talon into our room, which is exactly what she did with Peace Taylor Lol We are trying to be polite with each other but we are both so exhausted. I sat her down and asked if we could move Talon back to his own room and she said no yet. Which means he’s in there for the 1st year. We juuuusstttt got Peace moved into her nursery. She was only coming in half of the time. My wife is deathly afraid of SIDS and I understand all of it. I went through a phase where I had my nannies in the nursery with my boys for 24/7. It lasted almost a full week. I don’t know what caused it but I did realize I was being ridiculous. She has to realize this on her own. So for now Talon is in, Peace is in a little and my boys stay in their own bedroom. The twins are sharing a bedroom for now but when they hit 5 years old we already decided they get their own room each. My wife wants them to have their own identity and their own space. Our house can only hold 2 more kids before we run out of room. Thankfully we will be adopting another girl at some point in the next 2 years so that Peace will have a little sister. Or a big sister depends on who God blesses to our home.

My nannies are helpful but I don’t know 2 of them well and I’m taking a little longer to warm up to them. They are there when I am out doing the shopping or going to get something. When I come home I’m full dad mode. That’s how I have always been. I pray we are done with the crud this season and no more kiddos gets sick. That’s wishful thinking but I really do hope it’s over with for now.

On to more exciting news, my boys will be having their 2-year-old birthday party in a few weeks. We have so much going on to plan it out. It’s going to be a small gathering and then in late March when we all have to travel back to the States we will do a big family party with everyone. Much easier to delay it then drag everyone over.

At this age my boys won’t know the difference anyway.

We love living in Paris. We have not been a big fan of all of the rain or flooding. Our house is fine. My office in Paris is fine. We have not had any issues. Further south of us has but we are okay.

Life is great! I love my wife, she loves me. I’m just not allowed to touch her ever again! Or until she says I can. Probably a month more than the 6 weeks after. Her little body went through a full-blown trauma and she said she’s not going to just bounce back like she thought. I told her don’t even worry about the baby weight and working out for now. Just chill and relax. I will help. And I have been.

I have no direction in what I want to do. I want to work or at least work on something. I don’t really know. I have plenty of time to figure things out. My wife said she’s going to be a stay at home mom for the next 3 months and then she plans to get a job. I have no idea doing what but her law career will continue in one form or the other.

This is an exciting time, guys. New baby, new city. All love! Hope everyone is doing great. If anyone is tired of Trump and wants to move to Paris let me know Lol Best decision we ever made. Especially if he keeps pissing off countries with huge bombs. That guy is a moron.

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