Guess who got put on Bedrest???

My wife is in our 38th week of pregnancy which means we have 2 weeks to go! We went to the doctor a few days ago and guess who got put on bedrest for the next 2 weeks? Talon is huge, he’s making my wife’s body painful, irritable, and uncomfortable. Her tests were elevated enough that our doctor said no more running around. This completely screws all of our plans for the next 2 weeks. My wife wanted to go out a few more times together before the baby comes. Now all I do is run down to different food shops to pick up my wife’s “cravings” and haul them all back home. I love my wife but she’s pissing me off Lol I can say that, right?

We do have everything ready for when it’s time to go to the hospital. We know our exact due date but that’s not how God wants my life to go. I know that at 2:20am after I’ve just gotten back into bed from feeding Peace my wife will wake me up and it will be time to go. We have actually practiced what to do when her water breaks, a few times. My wife thinks she can micromanage this baby coming. I just grin and STFU because I know right now, just let her do anything she wants. She no longer thinks my cooking is good enough. I am making too many healthy food choices and “Peanut” is craving fast food. I doubt that, because I know my baby boy is a vegan waiting to join the world Lol But okay. So at least 4 times I day I’m running down a few blocks to whatever she tells me to go get. She seems to forget I’m also trying to take care of the other 3 kids, her cat, my dog, and also still unpack all of my stuff that finally arrived from Chicago.

I’m venting because we just had a “discussion” about the laundry soap I’m using for Peanut’s clothes. Deep breath.

We had a WAR over his come home outfit. I don’t mean she bought an outfit, I bought an outfit and we compromised like to educated, sophisticated, adults. No. My outfit was thrown in the garbage disposal and turned on, only to be shredded into a tangle of mess Lol So in return, her outfit got glued onto a newspaper and hand delivered to her the next morning to enjoy her Life and Style section with an upgrade Lol

We still have not come up with a truce over that. Right now he’s just coming home in a diaper because F*** ME if I’m allowed to help pick out my son’s first outfit!!!!! RAAGGEEEEE!!! Deep breath!


So now my wife is in bedrest which means I get my name shouted out at least 29 times a day and not in the way I like. This sucks. I can’t wait for that baby to get out of here.

And now I know exactly how Ross felt when Rachel wanted to have sex to get the baby moving Lol

I would try that but I’m not allowed in our bed room right now. I’m only allowed to open the door and drop in the sack full of meat, fries, pizza, tacos, or whatever it is she has ordered.

I think she’s revenge eating, guys. Is that a thing?


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  1. Pregnancy does weird things to you. It’s temporary. 🙂 Of course, there’s also after-birth hormones to deal with, and the effects of lack of sleep. But eventually, they pass. For now, nothing tastes right, either; maybe fast food is the only thing that she can tolerate.

    Just how huge is Talon?

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