Home with a newborn and…

We brought Talon home finally. His small bout with the flu is finally over with. My wife is finally feeling better too, thank God. She was struggling the last 2 weeks and was put on bed rest. Her bp was high, her other blood oxygen levels were high and a few other things were a little on the high side. Our doctor put her on bed rest just to make sure she was going to be fine for the delivery. She was really miserable the last few days. I felt so bad for her with all the coughing and sneezing. I was really worried about Talon. I didn’t know what to do.

I went out to walk my dog and she sent me a text. Where are you? I told her where I was and she replied that her water had broken. So I ran back to the house. My dog Sam jr loved it because he loves to run and had no idea what was going on. I came into the house and saw my wife crying and hysterical. She said what do we do? I said we need to get you cleaned up first and I’m going to start timing the contractions right now. I knew from all of the books and our meeting with our medical teams we have to wait until we are 5 minutes apart in order to go into the hospital. I also knew that my wife was going to go in no matter what I said because she had been struggling with the flu bug and being sick so she wanted to get help asap. I called her parents first and told them to get on a plane right away. When I went back to close up our house in Lake Forest and do last-minute things to close down my businesses I gave them a check and told them to take it, cash it, and when we call get the first available flight over. I also knew how expensive a last-minute flight would be all the way from Chicago and didn’t want them to be burdened with that cost. My father in law said no at first until I showed him what a last-minute flight cost Lol Then he changed him mind and said okay. Thank goodness he listened.

They talked to my wife for a few minutes and told her to hang in there. I called Lindsay first. She was on her way in to town from Tokyo so I had to leave a voicemail. She texted me back and said I’m 8 hours out be there soon. Then I called Drew who was literally on his way to the airport anyway for his family vacation in Paris and all over Europe. Perfect timing!

Then I freaked out thinking OMG we don’t have Sarah this time, we don’t have everyone here right now. I don’t know what to do. My wife yelled at me from the bathroom and told me to help her shower. I walked into the shower fully clothed Lol I was that out of it. She died laughing and said how dedicated I am. I got undressed and helped clean her up since she couldn’t bend over and reach her legs and feet. Every time she tried to bend over she said she just started coughing. Anything she needs I’m willing to do. I didn’t care.

We got out of the shower and I helped get her ready and dressed. We have had her “Going to the hospital” outfit on a hanger in the bathroom for weeks. So that decision was already made. The reason why is because every time I wait for my wife to pick out an outfit, get ready, it’s MINIMUM 2 hours. She’s very slow at getting ready being this pregnant. It was a good idea and made it much faster. Her contractions were still far apart and we had plenty of time. We got out to the kitchen and I asked if she wanted anything to eat or any snacks. She said I AM NOT POOPING ON THAT TABLE so no. Just liquids Lol I’m not supposed to say if she did or not on the table because I promised I wouldn’t. So we grabbed her purse, looked through everything we needed and just sort of hung out in the living room for a little while. Finally they were getting a little closer, not 5 minutes apart but close, and she  said she just wanted to go in. Fine by me.

We kissed the kids goodbye and walked out to the car. I was trying to stay calm and reassuring. This means I SHUT THE F*** UP. My wife told me don’t piss her off during delivery. Don’t say anything stupid, don’t try and tell her how to breathe. Just get whatever she asked me to get and just be there to support her. She was not feeling very good and really needed me to not fuss like I usually do. I was in shock anyway so I wasn’t saying much.

She yelled at how fast I was driving. I was 10 under the speed limit by the way but she didn’t realize that. She yelled at me for dropping her off at the entrance and not just parking. I told her I am not going to make her walk from the parking lot when she’s in labor. She yelled at me to HURRY UP as soon as they got her into a wheelchair and I was parking the car.

I sprinted inside. SPRINTED Lol I didn’t want to get yelled at again. I found her and they were wheeling her up to the floor for new mommys. This was all pretty much a blur the next few hours.

She was in labor. They didn’t send us home (Again) for false labor. This was the real deal this time. We started with her breathing through the labor pains. I rubbed her back when she asked me. I got her ice chips when she asked me. I sat by her side the whole time and only left 2 times to take a piss. Everything was going high but her BP was still a little high. They gave her something for that and then they came in to check her. She was getting closer.

Her parents arrived first. Thank YOU JESUS. They were so happy to make it in time. I was so glad to see them. My mother in law kicked me out so that I could take a break while they sat with her and reassured her it was all going to be fine. I walked outside to get some fresh air and saw Lindsay coming from a taxi with a gigantic bird stuffed animal. I said WTF is that.

She said “Well it doesn’t have any hoofs or bird whatevers but it’s all I could find in Tokyo” Lol Lol

It looks ridiculous. She said she threw out most of her clothes into the trash to fit it into her luggage. Okay…

We went upstairs and she said “Where’s my nephew!!!” My wife just laughed and had to tell her all about how many times I have been yelled at. I wasn’t even doing anything wrong. I also knew not to argue at all. The last thing I needed was my wife to be stressed out by me so I just grinned. Who cares about any of that anyway. I was told several times don’t take anything personal and don’t leave the room even if she says get out. Drew told me that.

Finally an hour later Drew showed up with his wife. He left his parents at my house with the kids. He said he would bring them all up once Talon was born. So we have all of the people we wanted there. Now it was just a waiting game.

Fast forward a few hours later. Lindsay was telling some story about getting smacked in the face with a sushi roll by some chef who tried to throw something on her plate, my wife snort laughed and went into some heavy labor Lol One joke and the baby was coming. We kicked everyone out to the waiting room. They put me into some kind of outfit with a mask and off we went. It’s time!

Hearing my wife gives birth makes me never want to have sex with her ever again Lol I felt so bad. I knew our son was going to be big but I wasn’t really prepared with how much she was going to struggle to get him out. We had all joked about it but this was different. My wife is tiny. This is the most weight she has ever weighed in her life so this wasn’t easy at all for her. I honestly don’t know how she did it. Oh wait, yes I do, she had the drugs Lol She said this was going to kill her body and didn’t want to feel it. She was pushing and pushing. When the doctors told her to stop she did. They were doing somethings and then they said Big push. She pushed hard and out he came. There he is! Our son is here!

We both started crying. They put him up on her chest. I got to cut his cord and they took him to get him cleaned up. I kissed my wife’s forehead and held her hand. He had all of this hair Lol It’s like a dark brown hair. He’s huge. 9 pound baby! Wow!

They put him in a blanket and a little hat and gave him back to us. We got to love all over him for a while until we got back to the room. He was a little jaundice. That was a concern because none of my other babies started out with that. They put him under this lamp thing in a bed and covered his little hands up with baby mittens or something.

When he came back from that we finally let everyone into our room to meet him. Everyone got to hold him and take photos with him. Then we put him back down and let them take him back for another treatment. He had to do that 3 times a day to help him get his color back. The nurses told us it wasn’t bad at all just a slight jaundice so that’s good. One of them said it’s better to be cautious since he had the flu bug.

The next few days my wife lay in the hospital completely miserable and wanting to go home. We had to wait day after day to make sure both of them were well enough. The doctors did not want to send us home until they were both over the flu bug. They also wanted to make sure that Talon could breathe without any struggles at all. His lungs had a little gunk in them and the first few days they could hear crackles. Whatever that is, we had to wait.

Finally we got to take him home! It was the best day. My kids had already come up a few times to see him. They all had their flu shots a long time ago. We made sure they all got them before winter hit. We had to wait until Peace hit 6 months old before she got hers but she had hers a few weeks ago. She was fine.

We put him in his crib and both of my boys wanted to crawl in there to lay down with him. I told them in a few days we will get him out and put him on a blanket but for right now he just needs to chill with mommy. They don’t understand any of that anyway but it would be soon.

So now I have 2 boys about to be 2. I have a daughter who just turned 6 months old and a newborn son. Heaven help us all Lol

Drew took his family on vacation a few days ago. He said they will swing back by on their way back to the States. He has 2 weeks off from work and is going to really show his wife and kids all of Europe that he can. He said so far it’s going great and everyone is having a good time.

My wife’s parents are still here. Dave flew over to be with Lindsay. They are still here. Lindsay has been going to our Paris office to work and get things looked over. She said she will be leaving in a day or two. She has to get back to Las Vegas for 2 days then go back to Mexico. Very busy girl.

So now we are all home and just enjoying our baby Talon. I love the name. It grew on me. I didn’t like it at first. My wife said she loved it and that’s the only name she would agree on. I wanted to name him Adam Andrew Cooper but she said no AA Lol

I’m probably going to need AA when I have 4 teenagers in this house some day.

We are done having kids for at least 2 years. My wife said we have enough for now. She needs a break. She said I broke her vajayjay and that I’m cut off Lol I’m cut off for 6 weeks anyway so I was already prepared for that.

I am completely in love with my son. He is beautiful and perfect. 10 little fingers and toes. I counted as soon as he came out. I am so happy my wife made it through his birth. It was really hard on her since she was already sick. I pray she heals up soon and everything feels better. She said she is still sore. She is still trying to get everything to feel good when she sits or bends over. She is breastfeeding him. We agreed to do that for a full month. If she wants to stop at anytime I already have 10 different kind of vegan formula we will try out. I also have 2 cans of regular formula in case he doesn’t take the vegan formula well. We are ready. My wife is going to try to pump milk out tomorrow so that I can start feeding him too. So far she said it’s not that bad. He latches on pretty easily. He really doesn’t fuss at all. He’s perfect. I get to change all of his diapers and I’m happy to do so. It’s the least I can do since my wife is doing everything else with him.

We are just happy! Life is awesome. I have my 4 kids at home. The only thing missing is my son Ryan, God rest his soul! I really wish he were here. He would be 15 years old this year in May. He was due on Lindsay’s birthday. I really wish he was here to meet his brother but I know we will all get to meet him in Heaven some day. A looooong time from now but I pray he waits for us. I can’t wait for that day.

I love my kids! Hope everyone has enjoyed all of our photos and videos on our Family Facebook page! I will write back to your comments soon guys. Love ya’ll!

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