I survived the Bomb Cyclone

I finally made it to the States. I had a flight yesterday from Paris into NYC. Well it was in the middle of the Bomb Cyclone. The airport I needed to fly into was closed and all flights were either delayed or cancelled. Instead they diverted us up north and I had to wait until all of the airports opened up again. I thought about renting a big ol’ truck and just driving to NYC but that was a really dumb idea. Instead I hunkered down into a crappy hotel for the evening and waited until my airline contacted me to let me know what I was doing. I got a very early flight into NYC and am finally here. Now I’m waiting for them to get moving so I can get my plane out and fly to Chicago.

My plan all along has been to rent a hangar in NYC so that I can store my plane. When we fly into NYC I can then fly anywhere I want to go. But with all of this mess it may be easier to store it in Chicago during the winter until I can go put it back in NYC for the nicer months. Also my wife is really upset with me trying to fly in this crappy weather. I normally refuse to fly myself when it’s winter/snowy/icy out but I have so many things to get done and that means going to different cities. She has already told me to park it and take commercial flights (Yuck). I don’t like flying commercial. I will do it going overseas but once I’m there I prefer my own plane. I just don’t feel safe with someone else flying me or my family.

I have to make a big decisions here. Do I get my plane to Chicago and store it? Do I risk everything and hope for the best flying myself around? I don’t know. I have to keep in mind stressing my VERY PREGNANT wife with all of this is not healthy or good for her. She keeps telling me Peanut is going to show up any day now. Which would be my luck. I need her to be as calm as she can even though she’s Pregzilla right now Lol Anything I do, anything I say has a comment attached with it from her. She does not like anything I cook, the way I fold the towels, or even how I fed the cat. I wish I was kidding but I’m not. I laugh it off and wait for her instructions on how to do the simple tasks I’ve been doing this whole time. She’s nesting. She wants everything to be perfect but with 3 little ones around that’s not possible. In my head I keep saying I can’t wait until that baby is out of here. I want my wife back! To her I just smile and laugh it off and try to just get through whatever mean thing she’s saying.

Remember guys, this is only the 2nd time I’ve been around my own pregnant partner. My first passed away before we got to this point in our pregnancy so this level of hatred and venom for me I’m not used to. I mean I do have a capacity to piss women off. It’s like a real talent or something, however I’m not doing anything at all to make her mad. I’m not sitting around watching tv unless she wants to cuddle and binge watch after the kids go to bed. I have a lot of things to get done via email and she is always asking me what I’m doing. I’m working on my emails. To who? Well this one says blah blah blah…. It never ends.

We have this month to go. I pray every day that Talon comes soon Lol I just want a nice peaceful household.  We are 37 weeks and 1 day into this. I have already made it so far and so has she. She has to push a child into life from her body. I have no reason to complain. I’m just venting a little. Big deep breath!

I hope to be out of NYC by this afternoon. I hope I don’t have any delays getting home next week. I just want a quick trip to wrap up all of our things in Chicago and then I won’t leave the house again until her water breaks, I swear! Okay that’s not realistic but at least it’s a goal Lol

Stay warm guys! It’s F-CYCLONE-BOMB cold out there!

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