U.S. Book Tour starting in March!

I will be starting a 10 city U.S. tour on March 5th 2018 in New York City!

I’m excited to get back to the States for a few weeks and hang out with everyone. This new book tour has been a debate for the past 4 months. I did not want to do it. Then the book stores sent me a contract to do the same type of thing I’ve always done. Show up, sign books, take photos or videos and do about an hour Q&A right after. Well I already know how to do that. The money isn’t the best part. The cities that I am booked for is the sole reason I want to go through this all over again. I’m going to be able to visit family and friends as well as check up on all of our business dealings. I’m happy to not be working however I know it’s smart to still keep a close eye on things. I’ve been overwhelmed with baby Talon for the past few weeks I’m starting to realize there is more to my life than hanging out with my kids 24/7. I need to get back out into the world and do what I do best, offer myself up to my fans and gain experiences.

The debate part came in with the WHEN would I go on tour and what dates would work for our family. My wife said she does not want to join me. She showed up at a few of my signings but only walked out with me when we left. She was never a part of the actual event. She prefers not to join in and I don’t blame her with the subject matter at hand.

To answer the question I get a lot, yes she has read the book. No she wasn’t thrilled about it but she said it’s raw and real. She feels like she has a better understanding of who I am and likes it showed my loyalty to my relationship at the time. She does not like me becoming a target of bullies. That’s part of it. When you get famous, you have to deal with it. I believe I have done a great job because I have Lindsay to handle all of the negative stuff. She has been my warrior. To come from as much bullying as I was taking daily down to the very few comments I see here and there, we have changed a lot of minds. The only questions left is Why did Meri lie? There are so many good reasons for that.

When we launch the book tour the next version of my books (Yes both) will be available. You will have more updated info, more stories, more everything. I’m proud of re-working the content to make it more into an actual real book. Remember as I said from the beginning, I’m not an author. I’m not a writer either. I’m just a nice guy who was lead to believe I could end up with the girl during some very hard circumstances. She told me the whole time her marriage was over and technically she was legally divorced so I believed her. I didn’t realize at the time she was just a bored and lonely housewife that was practically abandoned and then left to live right next door to the families she no longer felt welcomed in. I didn’t know that until after it was all over. If I had that kind of insight I never would have pursued the relationship after she continued to contact me and asked for me over and over to call her. I didn’t know. That’s what love does, it blinds you to reality and makes you believe one set of circumstances that don’t always add up.

Now that I know how much of a liar she is and how she will never tell the real truth about us, okay. I feel good about sharing my side. I feel bad for the women that still think I’m a girl, still try to label me Jackie and still think they know what really happened. How could they? They weren’t there. They were not a part of any of it. All they do is make comments and twist the truth. Some of them have become obsessed with all of this and have even had legal fights to try to one up each other Lol How lame is that? Grow up, ladies. Seriously. Learn how to block and ignore and here’s an idea, Move On. None of you were a part of any of this. Trying to claim your piece of it because you think you know something? How many more times do you need to be proven wrong? It’s kind of ridiculous. That’s the part my wife can’t stand. She hates that so much negative comes near our quiet, peaceful world and she likes that Lindsay has always been quietly in the background taking care of them one by one. Sometimes 3 at a time though Lol She’s pretty good at what she does.

So my book tour will start soon. My kids will be busy visiting with family that will be arriving soon. I’m getting out-of-town on the 2nd day that everyone will be in town. That will be fun for them. My boys’ birth mom and her parents are coming for their visit. They are staying a whole week and this time they are actually staying IN our home. They never do that. I think it’s because the boys are a little bit older now. I’m so shocked as I see my baby cousin’s photos on her Facebook these days. She looks great and every once in a while she will have the exact same smile or look on her face that one of my boys gets. It’s so cool she has continued to make them a part of her life. College is going great for her. I do still send photos and videos to their birth dad any time he asks. He said he doesn’t want to come to Paris but next time I bring them to the States he wants to see if he can come visit. I offered to pay for his trip this time and he was offended. I didn’t mean to offend him I just told him how cool it would be for him to come hang out with all of us. I also understand it’s always going to be a sensitive topic for him and I need to just let him suggest how to deal with this. I don’t always have the right answer. I’m learning that. Finally.

How is everyone doing? I am finally getting time today to write back. We LOVE Paris. Talon is perfect. Growing like a weed. To answer the latest most asked question that I saw over and over in my messages, Yes that was really my son in the video. Yes he had a car seat it’s right behind him to his left on the video. No it’s not broken Lol My goodness, people. When my wife took Alex into the store she unhooked Heston so he could walk around a little because he was throwing a fit being stuck in the truck while his brother got to go somewhere without him. Anyone with 2 small kids or more understands that. The truck isn’t really a truck that’s just what we have always called it. It’s a huge SUV exactly like an Escalade with 3rd row seating. So my wife was sitting next to Heston, that’s why there’s no car seat there. I was sitting next to Alex in the row of seats in front of them and our security was in the front driving, and well securing. Heston is a huge ham and loves to make videos.  He had his Buzz Lightyear and said Daddy do me. Which means do his video for him. As he was chatting away I had him do small messages to the people I like on Twitter. I thought it was a nice gesture and no one has seem ANY of my kids before then. There was a baby photo of them as they were “born” that a troll passed along to everyone claiming I sent it to her Lol HAHAHAHA. You all know I don’t do that, especially with trolls. Why would I? Ridiculous how illogical these women are. He made his little messages at my direction, I uploaded them to my Twitter and we broke the internet. Okay we didn’t break anything but we did PROVE to a lot of people, I am real, my son (At least one of them) is real and that I am still in control of everything that has to do with myself or my family. You don’t know how many messages I got from Trolls and former trolls as they call themselves saying Thank you and I’m sorry. The I’m sorry messages I did reply back to, the thanks yous I did not. I forgive all of them. I have to. They are so ignorant they don’t realize how dumb they sound. Those are the type of people you just have to feel sorry for and also stay away from. They are leaches on the people around them. They don’t know what they don’t know yet they will argue to the death it seems to prove something.

How can any of you prove anything about me when you have never met? Also the one person that you all claim I am, Jackie, will not cash in on the HUGE amount of tabloid, NBC, Dr. Phil, or any other type of paying interview she has been offered? Why wouldn’t she go for the cash grab? Because she has moral integrity and knows that NONE of this even matters in her life. She looks like Lindsay. Period. She has never met Meri. Never even been to Las Vegas and was working in an office the entire time she was supposedly running around Vegas with a friend. All of that she has proven. Further more the one insane, line-crossing, horrible troll that continues to harass everyone and cause problems tried to sue Jackie for a Temporary Restraining order Lol How nuts is that? And what happened? The sheriff went out to Jackie’s mom’s rental property that they own and have owned for more than 20 plus years. The sheriff was let into the home and saw that no one but the renter lived there, 1 person, and went back to the court and told the judge that she doesn’t live there, there is zero proof in the entire county that she lives there and it was dismissed. A judge and a sheriff said on court record she doesn’t live in Oklahoma, yet this insane woman continues to say she does Lol That’s how f***ed up and mentally deranged she is. That’s when most of the harassment finally stopped. When that happened late last year and we found out about it from the trolls, that’s when things changed.

Jackie has lived in Dallas for years. She lives with her husband and 3 boys. She works full-time, her husband works full-time and they are living their dream. She is such a sweet and nice person. I wish Lindsay was more like her Lol But Lindsay is not Jackie, Jackie is not Lindsay, I’m not either one. I’m Sam. A male! Obviously. Anyone that continues to say otherwise is a liar and just ignore them. They are only trying to get a reaction and it never works. I don’t reply. I text or message Lindsay and she handles it. The ones that are most vocal now are all of the ones that have had their accounts locked up. Lindsay even got a guy’s Periscope channel removed for running his mouth. She will continue to protect me and continue to be a really good friend to me. Lindsay is the definition of loyal.

And that’s why she will be on the book tour with me. It’s the main reason my wife is letting me go. She knows Lindsay will handle anything that comes up and make sure I don’t get into any trouble. Let’s hope Lol

I’m happy to meet all of the folks that come to my book tour stops. I’m happy to take photos with you answer any nice questions you have. I realize that it’s going to be the exact same questions at each city. This time I’m used to it. Lindsay will be there also promoting her book. It should be a lot of fun. I will be away from home for 13 days and I’m not excited about that but it’s a good time to go. My kids will have so much family in town they won’t even miss me.

Hope everyone is having a great week. My wife is doing great. She loves holding Talon. She loves it. She has already said she wants another baby with me. I’m fine with that. We had already discussed having another one. After we adopt another girl.

And speaking of that I’m beginning beckoned to the living room to go feed everyone. Time to cook! Have a great day guys! I will update more very soon.

I will start my book tour in New York city and then we will go to:

Other cities include:





Salt Lake City


Oklahoma City

San Fransisco

Las Vegas

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Single dad of 4 beautiful kids, Heston & Alex my twin boys, and my daughters Peace and Sky. Dad of 2 angel babies in Heaven, Ryan and Talon. Divorced. Semi-retired app developer, business partner, Commercial Real estate investor, Chicago Bears & Chicago Cubs fan, vegan, lifelong Catholic, voting independent party member, guitar playing singer who owns a dog, and 2 cats. We live in beautiful Denver, Colorado. I started my first blog Janaury 1st, 2012. Official owner of NotBatmanYet.com and @NotBatmanYet Twitter account.
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  1. Yeah, just for talking to you one day on Twitter, they followed my Twitter link to my blog and started checking it out. Then sending me harassing messages there and on Twitter. I don’t know you except for your blog, yet one of them finally told me they were trying to figure out if I was one of their usual targets.

    I got a few frightening FB “friend” requests during that time. One had a scary, threatening picture, spoofing a friend. Another one spoofed a senator, right after I posted something on her Facebook page. I can’t prove it was these trolls, but I have reasons to suspect them. Since I don’t connect my real name to my online handle, for safety reasons, this freaked me out. Then one of the trolls put my real name in her Twitter handle. It was nuts.

    They leave me alone now, but for a while there, it was scary. It was more like what Meri originally said she went through. I kept saying that the only ones acting creepy here were the trolls, that you weren’t doing anything creepy to me. You didn’t even know me!

    • This is exactly why we have renamed our Facebook family page to something no one can just easily guess or look up. Our family and friends get to enjoy seeing our kids photos with any trolls trying to invade our privacy. These women think they deserve to know information about me Lol No you don’t. You don’t even get a response from me, why would I share my kids photos with you people? They are horrible human beings. I’m happy they are leaving you alone. Lindz has almost got all of them suspended and we are actively working on it now. If they bother you on Twitter DM me and I will get my team of people to report their accounts. We have found out if we get 4 different folks reporting their accounts, Twitter locks them up immediately.

  2. I’m so glad you posted this. I hadn’t seen the videos, and now I see that Lindsay also posted a court document about MM trying to take out a restraining order. Fortunately, Oklahoma posts court cases online, so I was able to confirm what you said here. So anybody can look it up and see that you’re telling the truth.

    It also FINALLY resolves a mystery I’ve been wondering about for months: You see, Wisconsin also posts court cases online. MM found my website/Twitter and sent me a few messages a year ago, while your psycho trolls were stalking me online. She said she was going to take legal measures against the trolls/you. She also scolded me for believing you, and her last message to me was mean and freaked me out, so I blocked her.

    I had been poking around online to find out who MM was, and found out she was living in Wisconsin, same as me. And Wisconsin posts court cases. So I checked the site to find out what she’d been up to. First time I checked, she tried to file a restraining order against one of the trolls, someone named Amy, but it failed because Amy was out of state and I guess there was some jurisdictional problem.

    Then, months later, was a “group file” filed in Oklahoma but also listed on the Wisconsin site. I didn’t look into that one further, but I did wonder what it was all about.

    Tonight, I checked to see if Oklahoma has a court case site, and sure enough, there it is, with all the details, that they could not find this Jackie person anywhere, so case dismissed.

    I can send you links to the Wisconsin site if you wish. I’d post them on this comment, except that might send it into anti-spam moderation.

    BTW, I can still remember things that Meri said early on about how she was being stalked by a group of people, before it turned into the whole catfish story. I noticed, while being stalked by the trolls, that their behavior was far more like these people who had stalked Meri. I even suspect they tracked me down on Facebook and tried to “friend” me. They were creepy. 😛

    • Wow I always wondered what you meant when you kept saying that. I didn’t realize my trolls were stalking you too. Why? Because you talked to me? I don’t even know you. We have only interacted in my comments section. See how messed up in the head these women are? We already have all of the copies of all of the legal actions this deranged and psychotic woman has tried to do. All of the cases get dismissed. This is her entire life. Sitting there screenshooting things and trying to play the innocent victim. Thankfully she has screwed over every single person that has ever had anything to do with her and they are all aware of her games and lies. She is a nutcase and we stay the heck away from her. All she does is cause problems for people that she doesn’t even know. She is not a good person and as Lindz has always said, you can’t teach stupid. She lives in her own hell and we leave her to it Lol

      Thanks for sharing your story. I’m very sorry to hear that you went through all of that. That is also why Lindz kepting banning you over and over. It was because you both live in Wisconsin. She put an entire state wide ban on my blog for months. I’m glad she figured out you aren’t a troll. I have always appreciated your support. I wish we could talk more so I can get the full story some day.

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