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We are finally at my lake house in Lake Forest! We had our book tour stop in Pittsburgh this morning. I was surprised at how big the crowd was. I was very happy to see so many folks and get to spend a lot of time with them. We went over by a full hour, again. Everyone was so nice. We even decided to do a Facebook Live from inside the book store to let everyone see what they were missing out on. We had a small dance party going at one point and we had some really interesting questions.

Today the topic of tabloids came up and it was also a hot topic on Twitter. If you read my Twitter feed? or is it Twitter Timeline? Whatever it is, if you read it, I retweeted what Rebel Wilson was talking about today. She sued a tabloid that printed a bunch of lies, they won the case, they have to pay her millions and they are taking her back to court to appeal the financial amount of her case. She will win that too because they were found GUILTY.

So today I was asked why I never sold my stories, my photos, or my anything to the tabloids.

From our side, we had Kendra and Lindsay working the tabloid media like 2 championship boxers. Lindsay would get the info from her friends, she would feed it to Kendra. Kendra has been aligned with tabloids for years, and she would sell the stories we wanted out there. We had 12 cover stories, 24 inside the magazine stories, and numerous blog articles talking about me and my affair with Meri for over 2 years. When Robyn sent Kendra and cease and desist letter they stopped. Kendra still continues to get a story here and there into a magazine but she now publishes it under an “inside source” or a “close family friend” label. Lindsay is no longer helping or working with her on those things. If you read Kenda’s Twitter or her Facebook group you see her side of things. Robyn screwed her over by not paying her for designing and working on the tshirts Robyn sells on her website. She also stuck Kendra with a very heavy tax bill that Robyn was supposed to pay. She also lied and said that Kendra was not telling her the truth.

Well the truth is Robyn was on a 3 way call with Kendra and myself WITHOUT my knowledge. That’s illegal. She can’t do that. My lawyer is looking into that because we are pretty sure that Robyn recorded it. I’m glad she did because she KNOWS who I am, she heard me talking, she knows more than the truth on this whole thing. She has to “protect her family”. That’s her position now. Kody told her to stop talking to Kendra and made both Meri and Robyn block Kendra’s calls. He wants to control those women and he intimidates them into doing what he wants. He is very abusive. Robyn knew about the affair. She didn’t like it and she just didn’t say anything to Meri or Kody about it until Meri had her “confessional” meltdown one weekend at a hotel. Meri and Robyn waited an entire week before they told Kody about the affair. That gave them 1 week to come up with this bullsh** LIE story that I catfished her. It’s 10000000000% a lie. That never happened. I did not catfish her. I’m not a girl. They decided that would be the only way to save the marriage with Kody, save the show, and to try to turn all of the embarassment back on me. What they didn’t expect was me to release over 300 voicemails that clearly proves my truth Lol She can not lie away the 1 voicemail where she says “Laying here with you…..” We were in bed together. She proved that in her own words in a voicemail to me that was on my phone. That makes it my property and NOT ILLEGAL for me to share.

I explained all of that to get to this point. The tabloids hounded me for over a year. They tried everything to get me to talk to them. They offered me $10,000. Then when I released those first 6 voicemails, they offered me $25,000. When I posted the nude photos behind my locked and passworded post they offered me $50,000.

I COULD HAVE sold myself out. I could have sold Meri out. Why didn’t I? Because she would have lost her show and lost any income she had. I didn’t want to hurt her in that way. I could have. Believe me I thought about it really hard but the ultimate choice was for me to say No Thanks. And that’s why there has NEVER BEEN a tabloid interview with my name attached followed by my comments. Never.

When you do that, the tabloids pay you and make you sign a paper saying that they own your story. This means I could no longer blog or make ANY comment about this affair to anyone. They would have bought my side of things and I lose all control.

No thanks to that!

This is my story for me to share. Not for a tabloid to edit and make it into something it’s not. I have never wanted to be famous. I only got famous because all of you, my loyal readers, kept looking me up. Because of you guys talking about me, people wanted to know more about me. They found my blog and started listening to the voicemails. They looked at the photos I posted and saw that I was telling the truth. Then they watched that god awful show and saw that what I was posting 4 weeks in ADVANCE of the episodes lined up with everything I said, except 1 huge false storyline. The catfish. Her own viewers saw Meri lying. They saw the family started to not believe Meri at all. And finally they saw Meri’s own daughter not believe a word she said about the affair. That’s because I spoke with Mariah via email first and then later on, on the phone. She KNEW. I told her. I sent her things that NO ONE else had seen or knew about other than Lindsay. I proved it all and she turned on her mom. To this day she won’t trust her. I told Mariah that her mom would never tell the full truth because she can’t. Kody would throw her out with no money and nowhere to go. She would lose everything and everyone. The only way she could stay in the family is if she continued to publicly lie about me.

She just forgot one small problem. She continued to contact me Lol And I kept the voicemails. I kept the texts. I kept the photos of our dinners together…..AFTER all of this story died down. We still talk, not that often. We still see each other but we no longer have sex or any form of intimate relationship.

Tomorrow at my hometown book signing event the final pieces of the puzzle will be released. My Batfans deserve to see the photos of us together. And that wish will be granted. I do realize what will happen. It won’t happen right away but it will happen soon. All I can say is Meri should have told the truth like I did. She should have offered proof. She has never offered anything but her ever evolving stories and lies about me and Lindsay.

So tomorrow we will show the fans what they want. Proof of us together. Proof in photos of us kissing. And proof of our intimate laying in bed half-naked and looking very happy and sweaty. Proof. Truth. That’s all I’ve ever been about when it comes to this story. My proof. My truth. My side. I don’t have a tv show to sit there and bash her for 2 years straight. All I have is this blog and my social media accounts. Looks like my popularity has gained a lot more viewers than she has lost Lol

I’m happy to answer questions. I’ve only asked for the questions to be interesting and asked nicely. Tomorrow is going to be a very fun day. I’ve waited a very long time for this and I’m happy it’s finally coming out.

See you guys tomorrow! We will be downtown Chicago from 10am until noon and then we are meeting my friends for a very nice lunch. I can’t wait to see everyone.

Love you guys!

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