Dallas book signing

I have a lot of family and friends that live in Dallas. I was so happy to have Jackie show up at our Dallas book signing. A lot of people freaked out seeing her and Lindsay together Lol It was worth it. I had warned her it was going to be a shocking moment and she said Good. She is so nice and funny. Lindsay loves to play up that she is 4 inches taller than Jackie and now she’s lost a lot of weight. They don’t look that much alike but I guess it takes them actually standing next to each other to get it.

My #Batfans were not expecting that at all. So many people clapped and laughed. They all felt like they got the final piece of the puzzle. For the 1 millionth time, Jackie has NEVER met Meri. She’s never even been to Las Vegas. I didn’t know her before all of this. That’s that brilliant, lying, full of sh** detective work of my stalker Cheryl Crisafulli that threw her name into the mix. She found a photo of her compared to a photo of Lindsay and the rest is history. In fact the first person to actually talk to Jackie was Kendra. Then Lindsay spoke to her and finally me. We had to explain this whole thing a few times before she got it.

She is married, has 3 boys and DOES NOT LIVE in Oklahoma. She lives in Dallas, well the surrounding suburbs. She has a great job and recently enrolled in college. Her husband has a great job and all 3 of her boys are doing well in school. She is happy to stay out of all of this. She showed up to give us support. She also showed up to prove that she’s not Lindsay, she’s not me, and she had nothing to do with all of this.

It was a game changer!

After that moment a lot of people were saying how sorry they were for thinking that I was lying and also mostly apologized to both of the girls. I do realize about 60% of the people who come to my book signing are only coming to see if I’m real. I also realize that I can’t drag Jackie from city to city to say HERE, HERE SHE IS, SEE! That is not needed.

Since all of this I have learned a lot about Jackie’s life. She had a great upbringing. She is very loyal to all of her friends, she loves her kids and husband very much and she has worked hard. She is doing great things with her life. She is very much involved with her Church and enjoys sewing and collecting old albums. I guess they just sound better on a record player. I have always felt bad about her name being drug into this but like she told me from the start, people will always think they know everything when the truth is they don’t.

I wish her all of my best. She is a good person. I’m glad she has her husband’s last name now and all the damage the trolls do to her maiden name has zero effect on her life. I’m also glad they don’t have the first clue how to find her. The only direct link to her is her Twitter account that has been locked for years. She gets on there maybe once every 4 months just to see what is on there.

The truth is right here. I have proof for all I have claimed. I’m so happy my Dallas fans enjoyed the event. We all had a great time and when the girls both sat in for the Q & A most of the questions went to them. I just sat there happy to be out of the spotlight for a minute.

I’m glad that this tour is almost over. I miss my wife and kids so much. I can’t wait to go home. I was going to stay in Las Vegas for the weekend and hang out but I want to go home. I love Lindsay to death but I’ve had enough of her Lol I’m sure she feels the same about me.

Next stop, Oklahoma City!



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