Happy Birthday to me! I’m 45!

Yesterday was my giant birthday bash. We had all of the family and friends come over that wanted to join us in the celebration. They also wanted to meet Talon. And we decided it would be the perfect time to do Talon’s baptism. Why not, we had everyone here anyway. We have been flooded with family and friends for days and I love it. I love having all of our people around us. My kids love it and my wife loves it because she gets a much-needed break. Her sisters and mom take over with the kids immediately. She said she does feel a little guilty at first but then she sees how much fun they kids are having and she just says God bless and lets them do everything Lol I enjoy it too because I also get a break.

We had a huge birthday lunch set up in the guest house. My wife and I have decided any and all parties can be held in there so we can deal with the mess later or at least avoid a huge mess in our house. It’s easier with 4 kids around to just do it there. We don’t really let the kids go in there yet. They don’t have any toys in there and it’s not set up for the babies at all. It kind of became our catchall for the stuff we hadn’t unpacked yet but as soon as I moved in we did 1 box a night until it was emptied out. Now we have both bedrooms decorated and set up, the mini kitchen in working order after some new plumbing and flooring installed and the fireplace finally works. It’s good enough for our guests when they want to come visit. It’s also a main reason we liked the house. It’s a nice size property and we got very lucky that we got it at the price we wanted. It used to be a AirBnB property but the guy wasn’t making much money with it anymore because he hadn’t updated anything. As soon as we bought it we immediately had the crews gut some of it and fix it up. It was a very time-consuming task for my wife because that’s her joy in life, redecorating. She’s even redecorated me with better clothing. I’m a t-shirt and jeans guy after work or on weekends and she has stepped up my attire. I appreciate it because some of my t shirts I’ve had since college Lol It was tough to see them go but they were all faded and worn out.

The party was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed my presents and cake. I loved that all 4 of my kids were with me and that my wife got to see my face when I opened up her big gift. She got me a Disney Paris Fastpass! For everyone. We get to take the kids there as much as we have time for. I love it! We haven’t been yet and now we can go. I’m really excited to see the difference between the places of Disney I have visited. I wonder if they have any rides or attractions I’m not familiar with. I wanted to go right away and take the whole family but my wife said no. Talon is too young still for that much outside time and she said we had enough going on this weekend.

That evening we went to Church in our Saturday best and baptized my son Talon Andrew “Paul” Cooper into God’s Kingdom. I cried, my wife cried, Talon did cry. He did not like the water going on in his head at all. Lindsay and Drew are his godparents. Lindsay was very well-behaved for the entire event. She wasn’t a brat this time. Drew was so proud to hold Talon after it was over. I love my 2 best friends are in charge of my kid’s spiritual well-being. Lindsay bought Talon a ridiculous diamond cross with diamond rope chain. He looked like a mini-rapper Lol It’s going in the safe and he can have it when it’s 21. It was insane. Drew gave Talon his bible when he was a kid. That was such a sweet and special sentiment. I thought he would give it to his own son but he said he gave his cross to his son and his family bible to his daughter. I thought that was really cool. I love Drew’s kids. They call me Uncle Sam even though we aren’t blood related. They truly are my niece and nephew anyway and I would do anything for them. I miss seeing them grow up but I’m glad for the times they come over to visit.

Everything has been great. Our family and friends love it here, they have been going out in small groups to visit the city. The weather hasn’t been that bad. Things are going great. We haven’t even run out of food yet. We are also enjoying some time talking about how things are going. We get updates but it’s not the same as in person. My in-laws are planning a big cruise for them and all of their grandkids next year. They are saving up to be able to afford the flights and the cruise tickets. We donated a little money to them for that and they took it. They have a lot of grandkids Lol I think that’s a great idea and I pray they are both able to take that trip. They love their grandkids so much and do everything for them. I love seeing Peace laugh and smile when her grandpa blows on her cheeks. It’s very cute. She adores him and his funny hair. She always tries to pull on it.

Everyone has enjoyed Talon. We have been kind of shi**y about everyone washing hands before they hold him but we have a ton of people here and we don’t want to cover him in germs. He’s getting a bath 2 times a day to help get him cleaned up. He doesn’t mind baths at all so we got lucky with this kid.

I feel very loved. Thank you all for the nice birthday messages. I read them today and started to reply. My Facebook blew up with all the great messages. I appreciate you guys for taking the time to think of me. I love you all and can’t wait to head to the states soon.

Lindsay and I will be leaving tonight to head out for our book tour. I will be gone for 2 weeks. I am going to miss my wife and kids so much but we wanted to get this book tour done now before Talon gets a little older. He’s in the very easy stage right now. He has his little routine, he has his nannies to help out and it sounds like my wife’s parents want to stay a little longer. That’s fine, whatever they want to do we will rearrange their flights home.

I am all packed up and ready to go. I just want to enjoy the next few hours with everyone and talk to my wife about a few things. I will be able to update you guys daily on my tour stops. I’m very excited to get back to the states and enjoy some of my favorite food! I will see some of you soon!

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