OKC, San Fran, and Las Vegas book tour stops

These 3 cities were pretty much the same exact event in copy/paste format. All of the others we did more interactive things to help promote our books. That’s why I’m lumping them all together.

We did have great crowds in each city. It was really cool meeting everyone and I did enjoy the Q & A sessions. Lindsay was over it. She just wanted to go home. She was answering questions in a very short format. Yes, no, complete and total silence Lol I tried to warn everyone she’s in a bad mood today but they loved it. I guess Lindsay’s reputation online preceded her Lol Aiden our book tour manager said is that show she always is. I said yes. It’s been that way the entire 23 years I’ve known her. She has never changed anything other than her weight, hair, and clothing styles. She’s exactly the same, stubborn, mouthy, extremely direct girl. He said God bless you and I said thanks.

We finished the tour on semi-speaking terms and I left asap. I flew back through Utah to drop off the 2nd donation check for the group we support with book proceeds. They were so thankful and we did a quick Facebook Live/Photo session than I said I’m out.

I got to NYC and pretty much crashed. I was exhausted. I was also very excited. My facetime call with my wife that night ended with her saying she’s picking me up at the airport. She wanted to see my handsome face as soon as she could. I said just meet me by baggage claim don’t park and wait. She said okay. It was a great spot. She had a little sign that said Sam (Husband) on it. It was very cute and very much How I Met Your Mother-ish. I loved it. I laughed and gave her a giant kiss. Then I gave her a hug and we wiped our tears away. I really missed my wife so much. I couldn’t wait to get home and just chill out.

When I got home all of my babies were sleeping. I peeked in on them and they were tucked in and happy. I left them alone. Talon woke up first and boy did he wiggle Lol He’s going to be 8 weeks old this week and man did he grow in 2 weeks. My little man is a long-legged kicker. He’s tall for a baby which we expected. The doctor said he’s doing great. He had a checkup with our nutritionist to monitor his weight and growth. She said we can continue on the vegan formula. My wife was happy about that. She has weened him off completely. We just give him formula now. I was so happy to feed him. Peace woke up next and was very clingy. My daughter is the sweetest little girl in the world. I gave her a million kisses all over her cheeks and she just smiled away.

Finally my boys got up. BOYS! Daddyyyyyyyyy!!!! They piled on me and had to tell me everything. Heston was bad Alex was bad Mommy mean. I love you, I miss you Daddy. All the good stuff you want to hear.

Thank goodness I don’t have to go on a book tour until later in the year.

My wife started her brand new legal consulting job today. She’s working on getting licensed in Paris. It’s going to be a lot harder process than she thought. So she took a consulting job for now in an American law firm downtown. That’s the closest she can get to working as a full-time attorney again.

Honestly she was ready to go back to work. She was counting down the days. She loves our kids so much and she’s a great mom. She just isn’t a stay at home type. That’s on me. I love staying at home with the kids. So she’s back to work and really loving her first day. I got a text a little while ago checking in with me. She said everyone is very nice and there are some new words she needs to learn for her job. Her french is coming along great but she does get tripped up a bit. I will help her the best I can. Heck, maybe there’s legal french terms I don’t even know. We shall see tonight.

My plan is to take 1 week off to rest from the crazy book tour schedule. Then I’m going to start doing whatever my Next Chapter is. I have some ideas I talked with Lindsay and Drew about. They both gave me some great advice and we came up with a list of 5 things I’m very interested in. I told my wife I was bringing the final list home so that her and I can sit down as a couple and figure out what will be best for me. I trust her completely and she is always very logical so I appreciate her input. Whatever it is I want it to have a flexible schedule, I want to work from home with the option of getting an office space AFTER all kids are in school for a full day. I think that part is very important. I have agreed to be the full care parent for the kids when they are still at home or off at school. If something happens at school it’s my job to go deal with it, I’m not supposed to call my wife unless myself or the nannies can’t do it. I don’t see that ever being the case but you never know. My wife was very specific about her expectation level at home now since she’s working. I clean up, cook, shop, and do everything anyway. I didn’t see anything new on her list she gave me on how she wants to balance work life and home life. I told her if she has the chance to travel for her job or if she wants/needs to go out with co-workers after work to get to know them, go for it. I trust her, I know where she will be at and I know she will be safe. She said she was nervous this morning but excited. She loves her job. She actually is a brilliant attorney. I fell in love with her mind before I ever thought about having a chance with her body Lol She was very traditional until we were engaged then all bets were off. Speaking of that, we are FINALLY able to make….cupcakes Lol It’s been 8 weeks and she was so ready for me to be home. She was teasing me on the phone a little about how many cupcakes we would make Lol I was very happy to hear it because I’ve been dying without her cupcakes. We had a great time and I sent her off on her first day relaxed and happy with a quick morning cupcake making session Lol She was happy and excited as she left. I gave her $100 for lunch money and she just laughed. She said I’ll just swipe the card I said I know but that’s just in case you want to treat everyone and you need tip money or something. It was in different denominations so she could do anything with it. She said I was sweet but a dork.

I can’t wait to see her tonight and hear all about her day. My day so far is chasing kids, feeding, changing diapers. I’m working on potty training my boys but trying to make them understand to pee at or on the Cheerios we throw in the toilet is the goal Lol Heston gets it. Alex just pees all over the place. He’s a mess. We are working on it. If I can get those 2 out of diapers and into big boy underwear soon that would be awesome. I also know it’s going to take a lot longer than just the 2 days I’ve been working with them but I’m trying.

My wife and I want more kids but not any time soon. I’m just happy with the 4 pack.

I hope everyone has been doing great. I will be able to catch up on all of the messages tomorrow. I loved hearing from everyone. Thanks for all the people leaving me comments on my blog! I read them all just now and I appreciate the support.

Love you guys! Have a great day my wife will be home from work soon!

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