Salt Lake City Part 1

Yesterday we had our Salt Lake City book event. It went better than I expected. I’m not very welcome in the land of multiple wives but the crowd was nice. I did get a few negative comments which I expected. I really didn’t have to say anything back because others in the crowd heard what was said and responded for me.

Most of my fans know that Meri lied. They have seen her actions and inactions the past 2 years on the tv show. They realize how full of crap she really is and the one thing they can’t get over is, she has NEVER offered proof. None. She came up with a whackjob Cheryl who actually stalked me for 5 years before I even knew who she was. She listened to the stories, lies, and crazy talk from Cheryl and just went with whatever Cheryl said.

Cheryl had her 15 minutes of fame and showed NO PROOF. All she offered were crazy made up stories. That’s all these 2 ladies have. Why wouldn’t Cheryl who claims to know me so well have a pile of papers in her hands or voicemails from me or hey how about she mention my phone number? She never had it. She never had anything. She’s a cling on that wants to ride on coattails to get famous. She has left me alone since I sent the police to her house and had ALL of her Twitter accounts suspended. She was using multiple accounts and fake names to stalk, harass, bully, and target me. That’s who Cheryl is. An online stalker. She created a new account but according to the trolls she only tweets about Trump. Doesn’t surprise me she supports that a**hole Lol

The book event was a lot of fun. The sales weren’t anywhere near what the previous cities were and most of the crowd just wanted to take part of the Q & A. That’s fine. We do get people just there to see if I’m an actual human being or if I’m just a half a face photo Lol I’m real. People are supporting me. I actually have a lot of awesome fans. They buy my books, they buy the t-shirts we sell. It’s been great.

From there we left and went over to our SLC office. It was so good seeing everyone again. We got a quick update on how business is going and things are going good. I’m glad to hear that because I really thought that would be one city we would struggle with. Lindsay changed the company name as of January 1st so my name or initials are no longer attached to our businesses. It’s working out great. I’m happy to know that my affair won’t hurt anyone anymore. I lost of ton of business when this first came out and I dealt with it. My loyal customers stood by me and we all rode it out together. Lindsay is doing a great job managing things or I should say micromanaging things but she said she needs to keep a tight leash the first year so she can see who she can trust and who she is going to fire.

This morning we are in Dallas. We got in late last night. I checked into my room and called my wife. She was still a little miffed with me. I had met an old friend (Female) in SLC for dinner. I took Lindsay and Aiden with me and she had her sister with her. We had a nice meal but my wife called half way through. She was not happy but told me No you just stay there and eat with that woman Lol I knew I was in deep do do so I immediately got up. I threw money on the table for the meal and walked outside. I did an Uber for myself because I left the car keys with Lindsay. All 3 of us were going to go see Blank Panther movie after dinner, not with my friend, but we couldn’t. I left, I called my wife I Facetime her so she could see I left and then I spent the rest of the night apologizing, trying to hear her out, and really explaining why I agreed to that dinner.

Her insecurities are not just hers to deal with. They belong to me too. My actions or words are what caused them. I needed to just shut up and listen to her vent. She explained why she got upset but why she also told me to just stay. She doesn’t want to not trust me with female friends but I rarely go out to dinner with someone I previously dated. She didn’t like it and the more she thought about it the more it bothered her. She never threatened to divorce me. She never said she was leaving me. She said I am not allowed to go out to dinner with female friends without her anymore. She said until we have a few more years into our marriage and she’s not so post baby hormones, she just can’t handle it. I’m fine with that. I asked her 2 times before I went to that dinner if I could go. I was trying to be respectful of our marriage. She said go have fun. I believed her. However, my buddies said that’s Chick talk for Go ahead and go have fun with another woman, I DARE YOU Lol I didn’t pick up on that at all. Now I know. We are back in a good spot together. We really talked things out and I’m glad to know how she fells about these kind of things. I really don’t go out with my female friends often. I also thought taking Lindsay and Aiden with me would make her feel a lot better but she said it’s those private moments alone with her that were bothering her. I said what do you  mean? She said the first hello. Do I hug her and kiss her on the cheek like I do with my other female friends. Do I just smile and keep my hands to myself and then chit chat? And also the goodbye. Do I say I will her call her soon or do I hug her and say Goodbye? What was my plan? I said I didn’t even think about it. All I did was say Hey ladies and smiled when we saw them standing by the front of the restaurant. I opened the door for everyone then walked up to see if our table was ready. We all got in right away and sat down. I sat across the table from her. My wife wanted and I guess needed every detail. So I gave it to her. I don’t have anything to hide from her. It made me a little frustrated after everything we have been through she still doesn’t fully trust me. I also understand I can’t fault her for that. I knew going into this that whoever I ended up with was going to question me. My wife has full access to my email accounts, my social media accounts as well as my phone. I do not put a lock on my phone when I’m at home. I even leave it on the charger in the kitchen or next to me in bed and tell her frequently just answer it or go read that text to me so I can tell you what to text back. I am an open book to her. I don’t look at her stuff and I definitely don’t look at her phone or in her purse. I think she needs her own personal space and privacy and I would hate to read something negative from one of her sisters or family members about me. I think it’s just better to leave her stuff alone.

Our marriage is great. I don’t want anyone to think that it’s full of fighting and misery. We are very happy together. I took a long time to get married. I honestly wanted to marry Meri. We talked about it, we planned it out, and we both wanted to be married with each other. It just didn’t work out. I moved on and it sounds like she never has. I really don’t think Meri says or does anything at all on purpose to send little messages to me on the show. I think she is dealing with her own personal hell just like I had to. The difference is, no one in her family trusts her because she has NEVER owned up to the affair. That’s why her husband doesn’t live with her still. That’s why the other adult women don’t support her dreams or go out of their way to include her. She’s on her own. She’s trying to figure out what to do now. She has a husband who won’t spend much time with her. They interact just for the cameras and she is trying to build a business. What they don’t realize is she wants and really needs them to go to her. She feels so guilty right now she won’t go to them. She needs them to come over and visit. She needs them to check in on her. She needs to have those special invites to everything. But those people just don’t get it. And she can’t explain it to them because none of them listen to her. That’s the one thing she kept telling me. You really listen. You let me just be mad and go off about things and you don’t judge me. I was in such shock with the things she was telling me I didn’t respond because I didn’t know how to. All I could offer her was just to love her. I would say that to her. I love you for your temper tantrums. I love you for your frustrations and your anger. I love you for sharing the struggles you have in your life. I just love you. She needed that. She doesn’t have that anywhere. It makes me sad but until she does right by me and us, she will never have trust with any of them. She has to tell the truth. I did. I took the punishments, I lost friends, I lost some family members. I lost my home Church. I lost a lot of things because of her. But it’s exactly 50% her fault and exactly 50% my fault. I am sorry I had the affair. I’m not at all sorry I fell in love with her. She is a great woman. She tries really hard. She just doesn’t have support. That part is sad. I only wish her well. My wife has asked me if we ever divorce will I go try to hook up with Meri. NO. I did that once. Once was enough for me. We had our time together and I need to leave it where it’s at. She’s never going to leave. She can’t. She doesn’t have money, she has no where to go. Her life is tied to that douchebag. Let him take care of her. He sealed himself to her. She can stay and be lonely in a Kody sac of misery Lol That’s her choice.

Enough of that. Today it’s Dallas. I already know I’m going to have a huge crowd there. Aiden said it was the most RVSP’s on the west coast of our tour. I’m very excited to see ya’ll! I need to get going and get ready. I just finished my breakfast and I need to figure out which suit I want to wear today. I also need to locate Lindsay. She has a ton of friends in Dallas. They met us at the airport last night and I knew they were going to go out. I hope she made it back. Who knows with her.

See you guys over at the book store!

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