Slow burning truths

I am just finishing up my first day working on my new business. I haven’t come up with a business name yet, I haven’t even filed the paperwork to start it. That’s what I’ve been working on today. I need a name. I’ve talked to some of my friends for suggestions. It helps but then it confuses me.

I’m starting a new online company that helps you do a Search with ALL of your social media accounts in one spot. If you want to see a photo of someone’s Halloween costume you type in Halloween costume and it shows you photos from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other social media accounts. Lindsay is the one that wrote the program for it. She did have help tweaking it. It was my idea and I did ask her how to make something like that happen. She said you just do this and started writing the coding for it. I’m so lucky to have her help with it. I think it’s a useful tool. I know that there aren’t that many out there. I think that my platform is a good way to connect people who you would never be in touch with and once you start looking at information you are essentially connecting yourself more to the world. We are working on the security functionality of it. I just need to focus on what to call it.

We are going to monetize it with ads later on. It’s going to be offered for FREE but we have to be able to accept ads on it. Not many just a few to start out. I’ve set aside $3,000,000 for the entire development, marketing, and launch of this new app and I really hope it works out. If it doesn’t, I’m not going to feel the financial hit from it. That’s why I capped it out with a number my wife and I were both comfortable with. She said she loves the idea and thinks it’s going to be a huge hit. I’m glad to have the support because I have had doubtful moments.

It’s new. It’s exciting and I’m really happy to share my new business adventure with everyone. I will not be needing investors, partners, or asking for donations. I don’t need help with it financially and I will not relinquish control over my idea or my app. I just need support help with the tech side of things which Lindsay and her Twitter friends are helping me with. I am paying them for that.

Wish me luck guys!

Also no I did not watch the Tell Nothing because I already knew nothing was really going to be cleared up. From what I’ve heard from my fans that sent me messages last night and this morning is it’s the same old crap. Meri is unhappy, she looks and feels completely lost without me. Kody doesn’t give a crap about her feelings or even wanting to fix it and the rest of the women say supportive things but do nothing to show support or even invite her into their lives. Same thing from 2 years ago, same thing last year, same thing this year. Nothing new. That’s why they truly tell nothing new. You see the relationship between Kody and Meri be exactly where I left her. It’s a sad state of affairs (Pun intended). She wants to stay in that kind of relationship with him, that’s her choice. She could leave. She won’t. Just like she won’t ever tell the real truth. We had a relationship. She was very happy. We laughed all of the time and she felt so much hope for a great future. We ended it and she crawled back into that hell she lives in. Except now it’s much worse because her husband who claimed from the beginning that he loves and supports her is now openly saying he doesn’t live with her. He doesn’t have sex with her. He doesn’t spend time with her.

I said that 2 and a half years ago. No one believed me. Now people are starting to see the real truth and I’m getting a ton of really great messages. A lot of trolls are apologizing to me. They see how this “reality show” isn’t being real. Did Kody or Meri explain WHY they don’t live together? Did they explain why they don’t have sex or they don’t spend time together?  Let me guess, this hard-hitting NBC reporter asked them Why, right?

My guess is no. That’s because they will ask the surface questions just around the edge of what you all really want to know but they won’t go in and really ask the tough questions.

So why is Kody and Meri in this place?

Because he found out our affair was real, because Meri won’t stop talking to me, because she continues to talk about it and he can’t stand it. He won’t begin to forgive her until she tells him the truth about me. If she does that, than she has her freedom, finally. He will either forgive her and start working on it or he will tell her to get out, finally.

Either way, this is what real polygamy is. It’s not for religious reasons. It’s not even about the family or kids. It’s about more than 2 adults saying they want to be together but struggling the entire way through. It’s emotional abusive to all involved and really tough to watch. All those happy, smiling moments are not worth all of the tears and hurt it causes if the adults are not in a good place with each other. It’s very embarrassing. Some people should not claim to be polygamists when all they are is 1 legal wife and 3 girlfriends.

Did Kody and Meri ever get spiritually re-married after the  legal divorce? No. Why not?

I wish her well. I moved on with my life a long time ago. I have a beautiful wife and 4 awesome kids. We are so happy and it’s real. Yes we do have fights and yes I do frustrate her but we work it out. We communicate, we try. We are always wanting to be together. We are completely in love and it’s the best feeling in the world. I wish that for Meri I really do, just not with Kody. He is abusive. She does deserve better. I hope she leaves him.

She won’t.

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