#Barcelona #Spain was awesome!

We spent the first weekend family trip in Barcelona Spain. My wife has wanted to go there for a long time. We got in there Friday night. It was only an hour and a half flight. I didn’t realize that. The hotel we stayed in was amazing! It was really nice and my wife loved it. The kids had such a great time. We were able to do some tourist things. We didn’t have a guide. My wife told us the places we needed to go which were very close to the hotel. I was very happy to see how many things the boys and I could eat there. Spain has a great vegan selection. Very fresh veggies and a great variety. We went into a grocery store and they have an entire section. It wasn’t even that expensive.

We went to an art museum, toured a historic cathedral and spent the day on the water. I loved it. We will definitely be going back. It wasn’t that hard traveling with all of the kids. Our nannies had fun and they were able to get some time off to go exploring on their own. The one thing I didn’t like about Barcelona is all of the wandering animals. We saw so many dogs just walking around. My wife said it was sad but I said they all looked fat so they get fed.

We definitely will be going back someday. We have a lot more to see in Spain. Next trip my wife wants to go to London. I have no idea when that will be. I think some time in May.

Hope everyone is doing great. Sorry I haven’t updated much lately. I’m at home with the kids all day and it’s hard trying to find time to get anything done. I’m still struggling to find a good balance.

Rowboat Book Club Book #64

I love poetry. We have talked over a few of the poems I have written. This month I want to read this book of poetry by Jewel, yes the singer. She wrote a book of poems called A Night Without Armor.

One of the most respected artists in popular music today, Jewel is much more than a music industry success with her debut album selling more than 10 million copies.

Before her gifted songwriting comes an even more individual art: Poetry.

Now available in paperback, A Night without Armor highlights the poetry of Jewel taken from her journals which are both intimate and inspiring, to be embraced and enjoyed.

Writing poems and keeping journals since childhood, Jewel has been searching for truth and meaning, turning to her words to record, to discover, and to reflect.

In A Night Without Armor, her first collection of poetry, Jewel explores the fire of first love, the lessons of betrayal, and the healing of intimacy. She delves into matters of the home, the comfort of family, the beauty of Alaska, and the dislocation of divorce.

Frank and honest, serious and suddenly playful, A Night Without Armor is a talented artist’s intimate portrait of what makes us uniquely human.

It’s like Cheer camp all over again? No! $&#*@!

Did I tell you guys my wife used to be a cheerleader? Unfortunately much like always being a Marine, she will always be a cheerleader. This is why she’s usually always cheerful (Haha) and happy. She has said a hundred times already she can’t wait for Peace to get bigger so she can start her out early learning how to cheer. Oh great. (Sigh)

So this weekend we are hosting 5 of my wife’s cheer camp friends from High School/College. These are her BFFs. I have met 3 of them before, the other 2 couldn’t come to our wedding. My wife said wouldn’t it be fun to fly them over here for a long weekend and then we can show them around. I said I’m not carrying shopping bags, no way. She said quit being an old man. But I am one. Sort of.

I tried talking her out of it a few times but she has been really stressed out and an entire weekend of fun is just what she wants. I said but next weekend we are going to Spain to look around. That will be a lot of fun. She said it’s a different kind of fun. Basically I’m envisioning a slumber party, nonstop, just like I heard all about in middle school. I actually don’t know what goes on in a girls’ slumber party yet because Peace hasn’t had one. We have done play dates and let me tell you her girl friends destroyed my house. Never again, Peace Taylor!

I guess my wife has the whole thing planned out. They are arriving on Thursday afternoon. I’m supposed to help her go get them. They are all going to stay in the guest house. We don’t have enough beds in there. But she said she will make it work. She said she may not be sleeping in the house with me this weekend.


Okay Lol No problem! Watch it be one of those times my boys decide they need to climb into my bed and snuggle from a bad dream or something.

She is very excited. She said I need to be nice. I’m usually nice but I do tend to make a face when I’m being picked on by her and all of her friends. I tend to not say much around them. Anything I do say they all latch on to and it’s annoying.

I told her that I want her to have a lot of fun and if they needed a designated driver okay. However, I didn’t want them going downtown late at night getting plowed. They can find somewhere close to home just in case something happens. She agreed. I mean we do live right near everything. Our house is on the northern side of Paris in a suburb. It can’t be that hard to find a bar near by. I don’t drink so I don’t know but my wife has a list. She has lists all over the fridge. I didn’t ask how much she has already spent on all of this. I want her friends to be comfortable and I also know my wife is just going to pay for the whole weekend anyway. That’s fine because she never complains when my friends have come into town and I roll out the red carpet.

This should be interesting. She has already been practicing a few cheers they learned years ago. It’s very cute and she sure tries hard to do some of the moves. I don’t know anything about cheerleading. Other than they jump up and down a lot and are very loud. We made sure the backyard is completely cleaned up because I had a bunch of nails on the patio from building something. She said they might go to the backyard and do some pyramid thing. I’m supposed to take pictures. I asked if she was the one on the top of the pyramid because she’s so tiny. She said she’s 2nd row, left Lol I can’t wait to see who is shorter and smaller than my wife. This should be fun. It has to be one of the girls I have not met yet.

Wish us luck. I hope my kids behave. They are being little brats lately. Heston has decided that beating up Alex for touching his toys, his shoes, the tv remote, and anything within Heston’s own vicinity is the way to go. We aren’t doing spankings. We don’t believe in those. We are doing some weird kind of modified time out. It’s the new parenting thing. I imagine when they hit 8 she will make them write essays on why they hit each other Lol It’s working but at first I had to have her explain it to me. I didn’t get it at all. I know how to do a time out. I spent my early 10’s in time out, at least until I was 14 I think. Then I got grounded.

Go, Fight, Win Everybody! Have a great week.

Date night last night

My wife told me I was taking her out on a date night Friday. I said okay. It has been a while since we left the house without any kids in tow. I got myself all ready to go. She said she wanted to go see a play that was near our house. She said she would be home by 6pm. She didn’t get home until 6:45 and the show started at 7. She quickly changed, kissed the kids and off we went. I had already made myself a sandwich Lol She made it half way through and said she was starving. Lucky for her I had put her favorite snack mix packets (2) in my pocket. She was very happy with me for knowing she would be hungry at some point.

The play was okay. I’m not really a big fan of french plays. It is interesting for me to sit there and get hung up on certain words that I don’t know or don’t remember well. I love West Side Story. It’s my favorite play. I’ve seen it done a few times and if it’s done well I’m a huge fan of it all. This play was about 3 french soldiers returning home from war. It was just boring and the story plot wasn’t that good. My wife loved it. She thought it was very romantic how Tomas was able to find love again after his fiancée left him and I have no idea what else he went through. She said she really enjoyed it.

We decided to take a little night-time walk near the Eiffel tower and enjoy the views. We took a few selfies together. I just added them and all of the other photos to our Family Facebook page. I hadn’t updated that in a while. My boys are working very hard on potty training. We almost have it finished. It’s been a long process. I thought it would be much easier but it’s not. Sarah emailed me and told me to not expect them to all of a sudden get it. She said there would still be accidents from time to time. Times 2 Lol

I had a great week with work. I’m finally figuring out how to manage my time better. Brandi and I have worked out a few different things to see what works. We decided that in the morning up until nap time a little after lunch time I would be in full dad mode. After their nap she would pick up the slack. Until I needed to start making supper. That plan is working out great. I help her feed Talon before I take off into the guest house. If she needs me or needs help I’m a few paces away. I also have the baby monitor on my Ipad and can see what’s going on.

How is everyone doing? Things are surprisingly quiet and calm. I love it. I knew at some point I would be chopped liver. It seems like I finally am and I couldn’t be happier. Now I get to go back to my normal life and focus on what is really important, my wife and kids.

My wife and I have decided to wait until next year before we start the adoption process again. We think we will adopt our next daughter in 2020 or maybe in 2021. These things take a long time. I hope it doesn’t take over 2 years but you never know. The adoption agency I use is very expensive but good. They seem to have all the right connections to get paperwork through the system. We just want her to be a healthy baby girl. We don’t care what color, shape, size she is. I know God will find the right one for us. We are even open to take a little girl who is under 5. That way we have a good chance to set a solid foundation. There are actually a lot of toddlers that are in the foster care or adoption pool. I wish it was a lot easier to adopt but it’s not. It’s a hurry up and wait game. It doesn’t matter how much money I have or offer, it takes the time that it takes. My wife said after 2020 we can then start talking about having our last baby together. She said she will get herself fixed during that birth and we will officially be done having kids. I think 6 is a great number. I also know we can financially support, educate, and provide for all 6. I’ve made sure all of my life paperwork is update to date and my wife and kids will be provided for if anything happens to me. My wife and kids get it all. Split up among them. Lindsay and Drew will oversee the trust funds and make sure she gets her monthly allowance. It sucks thinking about that stuff but it’s the right thing to do.

We spent most of the morning doing the grocery shopping, chopping veggies for the coming week and my kids are getting ready to get up from their nap. My wife wants to take them to a kids play place. They even have a little area for the babies. How fun will that be for Peace! Talon is just along for the ride but maybe they have some lights on the ceiling or something fun he can look at. His little eyes just trail after everyone. It’s going to be a really fun afternoon!

I will catch up on this week’s messages tomorrow guys. And it’s probably long overdue to do a 50 questions about Sam blog post. See you then! Love you guys.

Week 2 new business…no lets play legos

I’m trying really hard to keep myself focused on working on my new business idea. My kids are not. They want me to play with them. I’m really struggling to find the balance. I am also trying to synchronize nap time but that isn’t working out at all. Talon and Peace are on the same schedule, sort of. Heston and Alex are not. I try to play something outside or at least in the garage with them right before nap time to wear them out. Hoping that the 1 hour of sleep they get I can then work on my business. Brandi is doing a great job helping me out but so far I’m not balancing it out. I can after they go to bed. That’s about the only time I can really get things done. Luckily for me all of the people I need to talk to in the States are on a very different time frame so I can call them up during their mid morning and right before my bed time.

My wife loves her new job. She is settling in and figuring it all out. I love hearing about her day. She gets to go to court next week to observe. She said they invited her to sit behind them so she can see how it works. She said it’s going to be a long time before she can figure it all out and she also has to start work on her law degree (again). That’s the part she doesn’t like at all. We had a very long 3 day talk about all of it. She wants to stay here but if she finds out that it’s darn near impossible for her to get a law degree here, we will be moving back. She’s going to give it the rest of this year before she makes that decision. I didn’t think this would be an issue. I really thought she can work for an American law firm in Paris. There are several. She can find her new path. It’s not exactly the path she hoped for. I’m surprised. She is still trying though.

I love living here and I really want our kids to grow up in Paris. We haven’t begun to take any long weekends or enjoy the traveling we want to do yet. We want to wait until Talon is a little older before we start doing that kind of thing. My wife and I have a list of places we want to go. Up first will be London. She is dying to spend a whole weekend there. We even talked about just taking the boys. They are really good on planes and now that my newer plane is parked nearby and fixed up we can use it. It’s taken almost 3 months to get it all straightened out. I was really getting mad too. It’s not the kind of plane I can fly over the ocean with but I can hop from country to country here. I would never try to take it back to the States. For that we just charter planes. We don’t want to fly commercial with the kids, ever again Lol That just doesn’t work for us. I will pay the extra amount to get us back and forth. To me that’s worth the expense. I want my kids to be comfortable and not irritate anyone else on the flight.

We started our garden planning. We are going to do a smaller one and my wife wants to try to see what kind of things we can grow. She has an indoor plant that she bought the first weekend she moved here. It’s still alive. Now she thinks she can grow vegetables. We shall see. I think whoever we hire to do the lawn will end up doing the garden too. She has all of these great ideas but gets bored with it easily and we end up having to do something with it. It’s a little frustrating but the joy she has to start it, I just can’t say no.

From all of the messages I have received it looks like that god awful show is finally done for this year. Thank goodness. I’m happy to see more and more people are beginning to realize I’m not the bad guy in this whole thing. I fell in love. I loved her very much and was loyal. I just wanted her to be happy. She’s not. She’s living with a husband that says they are friends. That means I’m the last person that she had sex with. I don’t know how I feel about that. It just makes me very sad. She deserves so much better but she refuses to leave. That’s on her. She has lied so much to me, about me, and to all of her fans (All of you guys reading this) that it’s becoming clear she just wants attention all of the time. She’s not getting any. Why is that? Because Kody found out I’m real. He found out we did have an affair. For ratings or for whatever reason they refuse to clean up the mess Meri made of it. She will never tell the real truth. I know Kody finally knows the truth. He has read my book, read my blog and listened to every single voicemail. He knows. That’s why. You guys want to know why he’s shunning her so hard? Because he knows she cheated. I don’t feel bad about that at all. She told me her marriage was over. That part seems to be true. The rest of the things she told me were snippets of the truth.

Why do you think in all of these years they have never tried to shut down my blog, never tried to sue me? Because I have told the entire truth and you can’t sue someone for that. I followed all of my story up with PROOF. Every single thing I have said I can prove it. She can’t. So let her live in misery. It’s her choice. She’s not there for the kids, or the family. She’s there because that’s how she can make money. Yes she does have other things going on but nothing pays her like that show. Until that show goes off of the tv, she’s not going anywhere. She can claim all day long it’s because she wants to be in the family and help raise the kids (Lol yeah right). The truth is it’s about money. Keep in mind she got a free house. All she had to do was film parts of her life. Boom, FREE.

But is it really worth it? To embarrass yourself on tv, to live a lie and claim you were catfished (She wasn’t) and put up with an abusive, sexless, half-filled marriage to someone who literally tells the whole world he doesn’t want her anymore?

Is it really worth it Meri?

No. Very sad to hear. I wish she would leave. She won’t.

Is that the same dress Janelle wore in the last Tell Nothing?