The reason why I haven’t been active on social media or on here is because my wife and I are now legally separated. She wrote me a letter and told me she loves me, it’s not me, it’s the kids and the family life. She can’t do it anymore, she’s overwhelmed. I’m dealing with a lot right now and I just don’t feel like saying too much. I hope you guys understand. I pray she will change her mind but for now she’s moved out and we are figuring it all out. She didn’t come see the kids on Mother’s day. She didn’t want to be pulled back in, whatever the f that even means. I’m mad, but I’m mostly really trying to watch what I say to her right now. I’m trying to keep myself together. It’s hard but the kids keep me busy. Thanks for being patient. I just need a little more time to get things figured out and then I will start posting and writing again soon.

Lindsay is with me and so are my 3 nannies. We are all trying to work everything out and come up with a new plan. The kids are great. I haven’t told them anything yet, not that they would get it at their age. I’m just trying to really it all figured out. Drew and his family are coming to us this weekend. We are all back in Chicago now. We’ve been back for a few weeks. It was the best choice I think at least for us. My wife said her career was going to be stalled in Paris and she worked too hard to not give herself a chance to advance up the way she wanted. So we moved back, then a little while after, BOOM. A Dear Sam letter.

It sucks right now. I love my wife very much. I don’t want to get a divorce but if she’s not happy with the kids and our family then I can’t and shouldn’t keep her in this. I really don’t know what to do guys. I’m sorry I haven’t been around.

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