First date with Jen

I got asked out a month ago. Her name is Jen. I thought it was nice and flattering but I said no way. 1 month later I was thinking about it. Why not? I mean I have to start dating again someday, why not soon? My kids are all feeling better. I have 2 nannies that can watch my kids at night.

It was time to make THE PHONE CALL.

So I paced around. I picked up my phone. I practiced what to say and how to phrase it and then I completely blew it Lol She answered the phone. I introduced myself. She laughed and said I know who you are silly. I said I know but I wanted to remind you that you asked me out a month ago and now I think I’m ready. She said oh is that right, what makes you think I sat around waiting.

Total silence….

Uhhhh. Then she said I’m just kidding. I would love to go out with you.

Big sigh of relief

Okay great. What day next week works for you? She said Friday. I said let me check my calendar. She said no this Friday. Like now. We can go out right now. I said I don’t think I can. She said why not? I said I don’t know. I think I’m scared Lol She said don’t be. Go get ready to go and I will meet you at (Not going to mention the restaurant’s name) in an hour. I said okay.

I RAN out to the living room and said Ladies…I have a date! They said Woohoo and then I said it’s in an hour is that okay? They said yes and then took me into  my closet to help me pick out what to wear. They helped me pick out an outfit. I jumped into the shower, got ready to go and then went to tell my kids. It’s so hard to explain this to them. They think I’m going to go play legos with her. That’s okay. I made sure they had everything they needed before I left and then I took off. I stopped to wash my Range because it was really dirty. Then I vacuumed it out because I forgot we had cheerios all over the floors.

I showed up a little early and then texted her. She said I’m almost there. I went and stood in front of the restaurant. She came walking up a few minutes later in a nice sun dress. She looked great! I was excited and just grinned. My heart was pounding in my chest and I wasn’t sure how to greet her. I said Hi Jen. Thanks for meeting me. She said I’m excited. I haven’t been on a first date in a few months. I said it’s been a few years for me. We did a sort of small hug thing. I was going to kiss her cheek but I pulled away. We bought kind of laughed and then I opened the door for her. We actually got seated pretty fast which was nice.

We sat and talked for a while. We ate and laughed. She has some really funny stories about work. We both talked about some of our other first dates and how they never turn out the way you think it might. We left the unnamed restaurant and decided to go over to this place where you can sit and talk and just enjoy the evening. It had a live band, an outdoor patio and a lot of really cool views around the area. We talked for 3 hours. I couldn’t believe it. She’s so easy to talk to and she’s very smart. I didn’t realize how much she knew about some of the things I’m interested in. I told her that I only planned on being in the area another 6 weeks because Alex can’t travel yet. She said she would like to go out with me again next week and if I wanted we can casually date until I leave. I thought that was great but I told her no. I didn’t want to pin her into a bunch of dates with just me for the next 6 weeks because that wasn’t fair. She said she didn’t mind. I was cute and funny and this way she can ease herself back into the dating scene. I said I would think about it but another date next week would be great.

We ended the date at her car. I wasn’t sure how to do this. Do you kiss someone after a 4 and a half hour date? Do you just do another little hug?

Well that got answered when she said you can kiss me now. I said Okay and started grinning and then leaned it. It wasn’t a big kiss. It was a small sweet one but I did hold onto her face the whole time. She leaned back after and said that was nice. I said I know and we both laughed Lol I walked back to my Range and felt that was a very good date. No pressure, easy to talk to each other. It was fun. I got home and about 10 minutes after she texted me and said she had a great time, she made it home safe, and she was really looking forward to our next date.

I never texted her back. I was trying to play it cool. I texted her this morning and said thanks for meeting up. I was looking forward to it too.

So I guess I’m dating now. I had a bad afternoon yesterday. I really thought my date would be next weekend or something. I’m surprised she wanted to go out last night but it worked out great. I’m happy that we did go out.

Now I need to work on what to do on the 2nd date. I need to figure out cool things that are fun and will leave us room to talk more and get to know each other.

Anyone have any ideas? We are in the Colorado Springs area. Wish me luck! Dating is scary!

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