Alex is doing a lot better. I took the night off and slept like a rock. I don’t think I’ve slept more than 2 hours a night since Sunday. My kids are on their way here now. I hope this will pick up his spirits a little. He’s eating, he’s doing what he needs to do to heal up. Things all look good and I really hope he is out of ICU later tonight. At the most it will be tomorrow morning. Having him in a regular room is going to be a lot easier.

Big giant sigh of relief. We are getting through this. Scary, heart-breaking, worrisome. It has tested my last fiber of faith. I really was not ready for any of this. It just happened all at once. Isn’t that how life goes, though? I thank God for every moment of this and pray all day long my son gets better soon. God has big things for his life and I can’t wait to get him home. He just wants to be home.

I spent yesterday replying to all of your wonderful messages, prayers, comments. Thank you guys. So many fans have reached out to ask what they can do. We don’t need a GoFundMe page Lol That’s really nice, don’t ever do that for me or my kids. We are fine. We just like positive thoughts, prayers, good wishes. That’s enough. You guys are amazing! I do not want to provide a mailing address so you can send gifts and cards. I really appreciate the sentiment but no thanks. If you want to send an Ecard for him, that will be fun and I can open it first to read it then show him and read it to him. My email is Samuel@NotBatmanYet.com. It’s on the top of the website somewhere I think too.

We are all healing. This year, honestly just kinda sucks for me. It’s like a never-ending something and something else always going on. I knew having kids would be hard but dang. This whole thing is stressing me the f out Lol

Hope everyone has a great day. Thanks again, guys! Love ya’ll!

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