Denver Day 1

We actually had a great time today. We had a luncheon in a huge ballroom at a hotel, then we got assigned into groups to make it easier for all of us to move around together. Thankfully my group has family members I actually like. I’m so happy getting to see everyone. I didn’t realize how much time I’ve spent away from everyone. All of the kids are growing up fast. I’ve had a few new babies, marriages, and very few divorces I got caught up on. My kids are playing nonstop with their cousins. Today was pretty cool.

Tomorrow is picture day. We are doing ours in the late morning so my kids will have all afternoon free to go do whatever they want. My nannies are taking them with our group and I’m going back to the house to chill. Then I will meet up with everyone and do the last 2 things on the day’s schedule before we go out to eat.

Family reunions, they aren’t always so bad. So far Lol

Welcome to Denver? Is that a cock-a-mouse? HIMYM joke

We are in Denver, Colorado until next Sunday. Unless I can’t take my family anymore and we leave early. I rented an Airbnb house because I prefer my kids to be more comfortable than crammed into a hotel suite. This house is pretty nice and we are very close to Cherry Creek mall which is a bonus.

Yesterday was spent with the girls running to the different stores to get us groceries and all the things we needed while I watched the kids with some family members. They enjoyed the swimming pool and I got the house ready. We ordered in pizza to make it easier for supper time. Today my cousin Nancy who coordinated this whole thing has emailed me the schedule of events. They have all kinds of kid friendly things planned which might mean I’m going to be bored out of my mind with a few occasional fun things happening. This is one of those family trips you just have to suck it up and get through it. Also the main reason I’m not sure we will be staying all week long.

The kids are having fun. On Tuesday is family picture day which means I have to wrangle them, try to make them sit still and smile a few dozen times. I think that’s going to be pretty tough. I am happy to be able to get some updated family photos done professionally though. I keep forgetting to go do that. We did some for Sweet Pea’s birthday party a month before her party so we could have photos up around the place. Then the party got scaled back so I didn’t put them out. I should have.

The boys wanted Disney pancakes this morning so I already mixed up the batter. They love the big Mickey mouse ears. I’m starting to get good making them. It’s taken me a full year to figure out how to get it just right. Flipping it is actually the hardest part. You can’t rip it otherwise you hear about it Lol I hope I can do a good job this morning.

Next week the boys start school. We bought all of the things on the school supply list. Yes even kids going 2 hours a day had to have a few thing. Mostly just hygiene related things. Kleenex, extra set of clothes each, handywipes, etc.

I’m going to have to get in a routine of getting them up early this week to prepare them. My kids usually sleep until about 7:30ish. Sometimes it varies. Usually one boy will wake up the other and then they go run into Peace’s room and get her up. Or they run into my room and decide I need to get up. I try to get up earlier than they do but Alex likes to get up at 5am to pee and usually crashes in my bed after that. He’s my snugglebug.

My headaches are coming and going right now. It’s not fun. They are all at the top left side of my head and it makes my head pound when I take a step. I’m taking Tylenol or aspirin. I’m doing all I can to help them go away but they soon make their way back.

We are all going to discuss our big Hawaii vacation that’s coming up soon. We will be there 4 days only. Everyone’s schedules are way too hard to coordinate this year. We are also praying that storm doesn’t sideswipe our family compound out there. The staff has already picked things up and secured each cabin to make sure we don’t lose anything of value. I pray everyone out there stays safe.

How are you guys doing? I’m here. That’s the best I can say for now. I’m spending a lot of time teaching my boys about school. How they will get to play but they are also going to be playing with educational toys. Things that will help them learn the things they need for next year.

And finally once school starts we are going to see how it goes but I may decide to get rid of my nannies. I’m doing great on my own. I will need to find some local babysitting help but I think for the most part I can handle all of it. I say that now thinking I’m Batman (Haha) when I’m not even close. I want my kids to start to see that I’m the only adult figure in charge. They get so confused. The whole purpose of me having these kids is to raise them. I didn’t realize I would have to do it all alone but until I meet Mrs. Batman than I need to step the F Up here. I rely on my nannies. I love them both but they need to get back to their lives. They do not like it here. I hear about it daily. They understand the circumstances with Alex and his lungs/heart issues so we can’t fly yet, but they do not like it. At all.

I pray we all get along this week and I find a better understanding of my family. Let the fun begin? No, no, no. Let the FUN BEGIN!