What time is it? Get in the truck

We are back in Colorado Springs. I told everyone last night we are leaving early in the morning. I needed to make sure Alex would sleep the whole way and he did. That was one of my better ideas. I got the luggage loaded, the kids loaded and had to peel one of my nannies out of bed Lol In that order. Thank you Denver for a great family reunion. I’m over it.

This morning I have to hit the grocery stores, start getting laundry going and figure out all of the boys school stuff. I also need to drive them over there so they know where it is and what playground stuff they have. They keep asking me if they get to play outside. I have no idea. On their first day we get to go through the whole 2 hours with them to figure it all out. I’m happy to see how their day will go. I need to ask if they ever get to go outside to play. I probably should write that down.

So we are back! Yay us. And everyone is sleeping still Lol I am working on my grocery list then I’m going to make breakfast and get to the store. I have a lot of things I need and want to get done today so it will be pretty busy.

Have a great weekend, guys!