So WTF is Pre-Pre-K anyway?

Basically it’s just a reason for moms to dump off their kids so they can go run errands. This is not my opinion, this is what one of the dads at school today told me. I don’t know what to think about that. I hope that’s not true.

From what I saw, it’s very small activities that they repeat until the kids start to get it. My boys had to have a birthday to fell into the correct months in order to just qualify for this school. Then they had to have registration paid before today and they needed a backpack (I’m not even kidding) with the school supplies that were on our packet list. The teacher and teacher helpers? (Are they teaching assistants at this level?), anyway they took a big tape label thing and wrote each of my boys’ names on their backpacks and put them in their own cubbie. I thought it was a locker but you are supposed to call it a cubbie.

Looked like a locker to me.

Then we all sat in a circle and introduced ourselves. Every single kid wanted to sit or be near my boys.

Just great, we are already a circus show Lol Day 1!

After introductions we got to hear about what they will be doing tomorrow. It sounds fun. It’s color day. They throw a bunch of soft color blocks in the middle of the floor and the kids learn to figure out what color is what. Then they make it into a game by telling the kids to put the block into the right color bin. WEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Lol Sounds like a hoot!

What’s really going to happen is my boys are going to see the blocks, charge in like bulls, knocking everyone out-of-the-way and lay on top of all of the blocks. I promise you this color day is going to turn into bloody nose day fast. I just did colored socks in the living room and some empty Amazon boxes to teach them how to do it. So far all they have done is kicked the socks around and sit in the boxes Lol

Good luck Miss Teacher.

It really is all about teaching them the very basics of things and to help them get socialized. Okay. So we are in school now and tomorrow I’m dropping them off.

It did go well. Everyone seems nice and my boys were shy. I hope they both know that I’m coming back to pick them up tomorrow. I have a feeling Alex is going to flip out.

Pray for us tomorrow morning guys Lol


First day of school or the 2 hours break Lol

I’m up early to get myself ready so I can get my boys ready for their first day of Pre-Pre-K. Yes it’s a thing. I didn’t even know it was until one of the moms at the play place asked me which school they would be going to. Uhhhhhhhh. So now I enrolled them, paid for the whole year even though we may be moving back home in a month, and I’m trying to figure out what to feed them for breakfast. I will be going with them for the full 2 hours today so I can see what’s going on. All parents are invited to stay today. I’m excited for them. I also am trying to remind myself to let the teacher take care of things. I’m so used to rushing over and just handling things. I really do hope my boys behave, but let’s be honest. They are my boys Lol They are going to be a disaster zone. Maybe not the first day. Maybe not the first week. But I guarantee you guys at some point I’m getting “the call” from school Lol

I’m going to go wake up my little monsters and get them ready. I’m dressing them in different shirt colors today to make it easier for everyone to tell them apart. We have to do photos real quick of them before we leave the house. I have a lot of little things to do.

Please God, make sure my boys behave. Amen!