This is my 750th post, now what?

I decided that I can handle all 3 kids by myself. It’s really not that hard because at their ages things are easy. When the boys are at school for 2 hours Peace and I hang out. I get some quality time with her as we run errands. She loves it. I put her sunglasses on and she cruises and sings to the radio. It’s pretty funny. She doesn’t sing the actual songs. She just makes baby noises along with the music. I love it. The boys are getting easier to handle and they are finally calming down a little. I think school was a good decision. I’ve gotten a lot of comments on our Family Facebook page about they are too young or I shouldn’t put them in the school thing this early. I get it. I hear you. I know. I felt the same way. We were going to try it. If it wasn’t beneficial or it wasn’t a good experience I would pull them out. I have gone up there 2 times now to make sure we are all okay. One time was the first day when I went in with them on parents welcoming day. The second I sort of lingered for 20 minutes with a few other parents to see how my boys were doing. They have this double-sided mirror by the side door you can stand by and look in the classroom. That way the kids can’t see you standing there.

Honestly the best part of all of this school thing is I can already tell they are excited about going. I wake them up and tell them it’s time for school. They want to go. They are happy. They are also learning. Colors are the big thing for the next 2 weeks. It’s all repetitive teaching. It’s also a small class. I think they have 12 kids in there. That made my decision easy. If it was bigger than 16 or so I wasn’t going to do it. I want the 2 teachers in there and the teaching assistant (helper?) to be able to give my boys the one and one when needed. They do such a great job. I appreciate all their hard work. It’s working out so far.

My nannies are going home Sunday night. They are taking a big van because most of their stuff is luggage Lol They didn’t really bring personal stuff here. The things they want back home I’m shipping back today. We helped them pack boxes up for delivery. I asked if they wanted to move into my house or go back to their apartments. They opted for their apartments with the option to go to the house on weekends with friends to watch football or to hang out. I said YES! They deserve it. Plus I would like someone using that house while we are away. I asked them to check on Sarah and see how she’s doing. She lives in the same apartment building they do. I think that’s awesome.

It may be a huge mistake but I wanted these kids. I wanted to raise them. If they were younger or if Talon was still here I would never in my life let them go. This, I can do this by myself. When they are all napping or asleep I work on my app and do all of my work related emails and phone calls. It’s easy. We are in a routine. The only issue I have is keeping the place clean. I finally found a cleaning service that uses vegan cleaning products. Thank goodness. They came over and did a whole demonstration of the products they use. It smells amazing and cleans very well. The price for the service isn’t bad and they are coming twice a week. My job is to just pick up after myself, my pets, and my kids. They will deep clean and do the rest. Life is getting easier for me Lol I’m spoiling myself in the right ways.

Things with Jen are going well. We went on a date the past 2 nights. She’s really sweet. I enjoy hanging out with her. I drop her off, big hug, no kissing and off she goes. Then she texts me a half hour or hour later and we text until bed time. I’ve been very upfront about keeping it just friendly and fun. She keeps finding these really cool places to show me. We even went salsa dancing the other night. I haven’t done that in….have I ever done that? I don’t remember. I know when I woke up the next day I was sore Lol We are doing a painting and wine drinking class next week together. She swears it’s fun and at the end we both get to take our paintings home. I don’t get it but I guess it’s a thing now. I told her I’m bringing a bottle of grape juice with me since I don’t drink. She said she will be enjoying the wine since I’m driving. I’m curious about what it is but it still sounds interesting.

Today we are taking the kids out to eat for lunch. They have all been so well-behaved the past 2 days. It’s shocking. So I told them we are going to a big people restaurant and they are going to see what a buffet really looks like. I can’t wait to see their faces when they see that big line of food Lol The place we are going to you grab a tray and go down the line. People put the food on your tray when you pick what you want then you get to the end and get your drink. The nannies have been wanting to try it since we got here and I finally said okay. It’s also a really good time for my kids to try some normal foods to see what they think. The boys are old enough to start telling me if they like something or not. I want them to choose but I will make sure we always have vegan food on the table. I’m not going to force ONLY VEGAN on them. I want them to eat a very healthy meal every time I’m with them. If they are with friends and get a Happy Meal, okay. If that’s what they want. I do know they both hate hot dogs Lol We tried to cut one up once and give it to them while we were here and they hated it. They both spit it out. Yay! Hot dogs are so horrible for you. Good at the ballpark once a year but on a regular basis, don’t feed your kids hot dogs.

My house is starting to get fixed up more. The contractor has a big plan for the kitchen. He fixed all of the windows and walls. The flooring is almost done. It’s starting to look like a real home inside. It was tore up, fixed, tore up, fixed. While we were in Denver he got a lot done. I’m very happy about it. He does a great job and we shot a promo video for my Family Facebook page for you guys. I just uploaded it. Ladies, he’s single Lol A very nice Catholic guy with no kids. So there you go.

Life is going pretty boring and quiet. I love it! No drama, no nothing. Just me and my kids having a good time. I hope everyone has a great weekend. R.I.P. Aretha! I loved all of your songs that I can remember. You will never be forgotten. God Bless you and your family!