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This weekend was very relaxing. I didn’t have to wipe faces, change clothes, tell someone don’t do that 100 times. I enjoyed my break from the kids.

Aunt Lindsay took them on a 3 days adventure. They went swimming, to the play place, out to eat every meal, they even got to try a real corn dog. And Heston threw his Lol He hates hot dogs. Alex nibbled on the outside shell but didn’t eat the hot dog part. Peace ate 3/4 of her corndog and seemed to like it as I was told. They had so much fun they were crying when she dropped them off. They didn’t want her to go. She also bought them way too much shit. Way way too much. It’s ridiculous. She’s always been in a weird competition with Drew on what gifts my kids get. I don’t like it and it’s not healthy. They won’t stop. I get random boxes sent to my home with stuff for them. I’m not keeping score. I don’t care and I would actually like to buy my kids their own stuff. It’s kind of like I signed my kids up for a bi-monthly subscription box for the rest of their lives. Lindsay said she’s already saving up for their college living situations since she already knows I have their college funds filled up. I had to take Talon’s college fund and disperse it amongst the 3.

Speaking of Talon, I’m still not ready to talk about it. I’m getting a ton of questions. Obviously something happened and you can tell in June that I was barely blogging. My batfans are very smart. There will be a day where I get into it. From online, the only person I told what happened was Nyssa. She has been a loyal friend and fellow blogger. She has never told anyone else and I know that because it’s never gotten back to me. I do appreciate her very much for that. It makes me feel like I can trust her and that I can confide in her if I need to. Go read her blog! And don’t stalk her if you are one of my trolls Lol Some day I will write about it. Right now I can’t. I appreciate you being patient with it.

My ex-wife had decided once we move back home in 2 weeks we should start dating. How funny is that? I’m not interested at all. Ever. She had her chance. She blew it. We are friendly but I don’t talk to her. She emails me. I read it and delete it. I don’t respond. I told Jen what she said and she just laughed. Jen said she’s not so sure she’s getting rid of me when I move. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, interesting! The only reason I was going to break up with Jen is because we are moving. I’m not wanting a long distance relationship. It’s not fair to her or me and I’m still wanting to keep things casual. She understands the reasons. I told her when I visit Mike and his mom there’s a good chance we can go have dinner. She said okay. It’s still a discussion though.

Mike and his mom are going to buy this house. They are going to a bank today to get a loan. I was going to rent it but they both did a credit score check to make sure they can do it and they think they can. That’s a much better deal for me because it will get all of my money back I’ve put into this place. I’m not going to profit at all. I told them I just want the exact amount I paid plus all the repairs. They don’t have a problem with it. Look how that worked out. God is always taking care of me. It’s a solid house. His mom said it’s big enough they can both have their own living areas. The main floor will be the common area and they will be able to save money and get ready for whatever future they both want. I’m so happy for them. I hope they get a loan with a great interest rate.

What else? I dropped the boys off at school today and they were so excited. We saw one of their friends (Brian and his mom) as we were walking in. They were so happy and waved like crazy. They love school. It’s going to be so hard when we move back home. They will have to start all over.

This weekend we are taking a train ride up the mountains. I called Alex’s doctor to ask if he can physically handle it. He said yes because the train slowly goes up in elevation giving his body time to process the ascent. If he can do that train ride, then the following weekend I can fly home. Finally. This whole experience started out like a nightmare. I was so worried and blaming myself for not knowing what was going on. It’s a defect in his body and it had nothing to do with me. The guilt though, dang. I felt so helpless. He has been so brave and it shows me how tough my little guy really is. I’m so happy he’s feeling better and back to being himself. It’s been a journey for sure.

Hope everyone has a great week. I’m going to be doing a blog redesign soon. Okay I’m not. Lindsay is. I just pick out the theme and she customizes it. I’m getting rid of the sections I don’t want or need anymore. I’m also going more simplified. We will see the response to it. I will write again tomorrow. Bye guys!

I wrote this some time in the morning and forgot to post it. Whoops. Here you go.

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