It’s like waking up 2 pythons Lol

I got up early, got myself dressed, fed myself so I wouldn’t forget then went to wake up the boys. Neither of them wanted to get up. Neither of them are in a good mood and I had to fight with Alex about what pants he wanted to wear. Big giant sigh. I really hope their first day at school alone goes okay. I didn’t sleep much because I was concerned and thinking about what might happened today. It’s ridiculous but it’s still what I did.

We are already to go. We have clean bodies, combed hair, fresh looking school clothes. I think we are about ready. I’m letting them play. I’ve told them 3 times this morning this time Daddy is dropping you guys off and leaving. You have to listen to your teacher.

2 hours will go by fast. I’m just anxious. I already thought about taking them to buy a new toy each if they make it through the 2 hours but Sarah told me last night on Facetime not to reward normal behavior. They are supposed to behave and listen. You don’t get a prize for that. She has a good point.

If I can get myself into a routine here I’m going to send my 2 nannies back home. I think I can handle things from now on. It’s really not that hard. I still have them all on Facetime any time I need something. I can find local babysitting or even Mike said he would come over and watch them if I need to run to the grocery store or something. Luckily now you can order online and either have stuff delivered or you can just go pick it up. Makes my life a lot easier. The hard  part will be unloading all of the groceries by myself. Sarah said just leave them in the house playing and get as much in as you can then check on them, then unload more and check on them.

I really wonder how the F my mom managed to deal with all of this without all of this political corrected parenting stuff that we are all dealing with. Sometimes the Go SIT YOUR A** DOWN NOW seems like a great statement Lol But I don’t talk to my kids like that. I may think it in my head when they are really causing a fight but I don’t do that.

Good morning everyone! I’m getting my first 2 hour break today. My plan is to just take Peace to the store and get a few things, run home with them, drop her off with the nannies and go get my boys by myself. That way I can spend a little alone time with them first.

Why am I so anxious? Geez.

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