Please don’t go to Church

Please don’t go to Church

Lindsay has decided she’s taking all 3 of my kids to Church this morning with her friends. I asked her not to. She’s doing it anyway. They aren’t going to a Catholic Mass. Oh no, she’s taking them to a Baptist Church so they can see what a real Church is like. Keep in mind Lindz does not even believe in God but she said the Baptist really do. Huh? I can’t wait to hear what they thought of that. Peace is going to love it because she just loves everybody. The boys might freak out at first but I think it’s going to be fine. Lindsay said if she “catches the spirit” she’s going to haul ass up and down the aisle like she’s seen on tv a few time with Pastor TD Jakes Lol I said please don’t. She said she may just do it just to see what happens. Dear God, please forgive her. She mocks you. It’s sort of funny. So I guess forgive me too?

I got in a groove and got everything boxed up, taped, labeled, and ready to go. The only thing I haven’t done is put everything in the garage. I need to pull the car out to make room for all of it. Luckily the shipping company is sending a big van tomorrow morning so it can all get out-of-the-way soon. I had to check the weather. In Colorado Springs out of nowhere the rain hits, the wind blows and then it’s all sunny and dry. It’s the weirdest weather I have ever experienced. I’m going to miss it. I have really enjoyed the cooler temperatures. Fall here is so beautiful. I want to take my kids on one of those train rides up through the mountains. I didn’t go the last time they went. I want to see everything. We will do that next weekend.

We are moving back to Chicago now in 2 weeks. It’s going to be a big welcome home party. I’ve missed out on so much but I had to make the right choice for Alex’s health. He’s doing great. I get so many messages asking how he is doing. My boy is a tough cookie. It was very hard at first because Heston just wants to be all over him all day long. When we lifted up his shirt to show Heston his owwie, that’s when he backed off. I’ve had to remind him a million times be careful, Alex has an owwie, he backs off. Not immediately, but he does tend to stop. Peace is doing great, she’s so pretty. My daughter is the sweetest little face on Earth. Heston is just a big brother through and through. He’s in charge of everybody. He tends to take the lead and say Come on to the other 2. They follow him around and do what he wants. It’s very cute to see. Then Peace says deuces and leaves the boys to play trucks or whatever they are doing. She has her little princess setup filled with tons of girl toys. I’ve had more cups of imaginary tea than I can count at this point. She had her toenails painted and she wiggles her toes when you ask to see her tootsies Lol It’s pretty cute.

I just finished watching the online Catholic Mass so that’s done for the day. Such a beautiful message of hope and how to live a balanced life. That’s what I’m currently working on. I do not attend the regular Catholic Church yet they continue to solicit money from me. I read it and toss it. I do donate to my Church and that’s good enough for me. There are differences in how each Church conducts itself and I’m glad to know that my derivation relies on itself and not outside mainstream pressure. That’s exactly why I’m raising my kids to be the “other” type of Catholics.

Today I get to move boxes, chill out, move boxes, chill out. It’s going to be an easy day until the kids get back. Lindsay is bringing them home at 5 so I can feed everyone before their flight takes off back to Vegas. It kind of sucks I had all kinds of summer plans and trips I wanted to get to but Alex is more important than my plans. Next summer we will hit the road and get to do everything.

Prayers to Hawaii. Our family compound took a hit. Everyone is safe but extensive wind damage. They will have to repair all of it when they can. And of course Prayers to Senator/War Hero John McCain and his family. I did not agree with his politics most of the time but I do respect is decades of service to this country. He will be greatly missed. He did the very best he could with what he felt was right. He stood up and spoke when he felt the need. What a life he had. You will be missed. The entire news media is looking back on his life. It’s amazing all of the things he accomplished.

Have a wonderful Sunday my batfans. I love you all. Be sure to praise God in someway because today is going to be awesome!

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