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I’m deep in this SPL (See Title) life right now. The boys had a good time the first day by themselves. The 2 hours goes by very fast. Before I know it I’m back in the truck to go get them. I do like that they are getting a big head start to their education. I really fretted if this was a good decision. I also told myself if it wasn’t I’m pulling them out.

My daughter is going crazy with all of her new pink princess birthday stuff. She hasn’t even played with all of it but she’s trying. She loves the kitchen set and getting out the little plates. I’m about 40 pounds heavier on pretend food because as soon as I gobble up the air whatever she made, she goes back and gets me more. I had an awesome dad joke right there about empty calories but it just flew right out of my head. I’m getting old, guys.

Is it just me or with all of these people living in my house, do I always seem to be doing some form of laundry? We just found a new laundry service here that comes and gets everything and drops it back off. How cool is that? That will save me so much time. They also do dry cleaning services too. Best company ever. I hope it works out and it’s not too expensive. I like to spoil myself but even I am not too lazy to do laundry.

I’m trying out some new vegan recipes this week. Be sure to keep tabs on our Vegan food album on our Family Facebook page. That way you can see what I made and how it turned out. I’m going to live stream tonight’s supper because I’m doing a Mediterranean dish that I’m not sure how everyone will like it. I also just got in a new batman t-shirt that I want to show off so look for that also.

Everything else is going well. Jen and I have been on 3 dates now. Just small things. We texted mostly, not much talking on the phone. She’s very nice and I enjoy her company. We are keeping it friends only. I am attracted to her but right now in my life I’m not ready to a relationship. I want to focus on myself and my family life for a while. That divorce really did a number on my heart and I just need time to get over it all.

I hope you guys are having a good week. I’ve been trying hard to update more. I wish I had more fun exciting things to write about but this is my boring little life. I love it boring. Just doesn’t make much fun for you to read.

I need to go get ready to go get the munchkins. Love ya’ll!

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