What are you talking about? They are ready for school. No they’re not Lol

Yesterday was all about the unpacking, laundry, grocery shopping, get ready for school, and spending a lot of time talking about school rules. No one helped, no one listened, no one cared. That’s what it felt like to me. My boys have concept zero about what a teacher is. They kept saying is she our mommy. No. She’s not the mommy or a mommy. Wait, I never asked her. Maybe she is a mommy. I don’t remember. You need to pay attention to what she says. She’s trying to teach you. She’s your teacher.

So I’m pretty sure on Tuesday which will be the first day I’m not there to watch what happens I will have to go pick one or both up within a half hour. My nannies have bets. And Alex is the one they think will be the issue. I really think it might be both. I pray it won’t be either. They are going to have to adjust. 2 hours will go fast, right? I’m thinking about all of the stores I can get to in the 2 hours. Can I get dog food, cat food, a few groceries? Can I get home, make up a special lunch and have it wait for when we get back home?

What do you do in the 2 hours you are without twin boys because they are at school? I have no idea. I thought, I will just take a nap. Then the thought of what if I don’t wake up in time. I can’t even attempt that. The school is 15 minutes from our house. That’s a half hour travel time in light traffic. So that leaves me an hour and a half. Wait, no I want to be there early to pick them up because I get the line to pick up the 2 hour kids gets filled up fast.

I just thought about this guys, I have to stay inside the cones Lol I’m that guy now! (Daddy’s Home movie reference there)

I have to figure this out. Last night I went out with Jen. I haven’t let her meet my kids yet. She has seen them from a short distance once but we have never brought her up close. They just sort of stared at both of us. I waved, and they kept staring. It was awkward.

We went to a dessert place, talked for an hour then I had to get home. She laughs at my stupid jokes, she touches my arm, she holds my hand while we walk. It’s nice and sweet. I’m keeping my guard up though because I know the possibility is that I’m going back to Chicago soon. We are NOT doing you know what. I did get those messages (Brad) and no. We are NOT going to be doing you know what. It’s not that kind of dating. I’m also not ready. I don’t know when I will be ready. Right now it’s not even a priority for me. (Brad) So stop asking Lol (Brad!)

This morning I have to get the troops up and get ready for Church. Mass is going to be a very good liturgy and I’m excited to hear it. Also it’s pancake day so I don’t even have to feed anyone here. We get to eat pancakes after the service.

The rest of my day is going to be chilling at home doing laundry and playing with the kids. I don’t have any other plans today. It’s going to be…wait for it…awesome.

I think I’ve been watching way too much How I Met Your Mother episodes. Dang, those nannies and the dvr full of that show!

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