I have plans, don’t worry

My cousin Tyson came and picked up my kids. He is flying them back to Nebraska with 2 of my cousins. My twins are spending the entire weekend with their birth mom and family. It’s been a while since I took them back to Nebraska to see family so it was time. I don’t want to go because I am not allowed to spend time with the kids and the birth mom whenever she feels uncomfortable. She said this visit she wanted just them, not me. I’m fine with it. She deserves time with them whenever it works out for our schedule. She’s been doing really well in school and feels this weekend is a good break. We try to do this twice a year. She feels like that won’t make her feel bad, won’t bring up any doubts she may have had giving them up for adoption. She’s in their life but not a monthly thing. I’m fine with it. We agreed on an open adoption. My Sweet Pea does not have an open adoption so she will not be afforded the same quality time. It makes me sad but I understand. Peace went with Sarah, Heather, and Brandi for the weekend. I’m having my kitchen counters replaced and it’s just easier with the kids out of here. I’m also having the new cabinet doors installed and the new flooring in the kitchen put in. They are going to destroy my house and clean it all up by Sunday at 5….or else!

I can’t wait to see it all finished. It’s been a design frustration for a few weeks. The designer and I finally agreed and off we go.

I needed a break. We are back into full school mode, hanging with my kids all of the time. I think it’s healthy for me to have 2 or 3 weekends in a year without them. It refreshes me. No, I do not have a bunch of dates lined up. I’m not dating. I don’t want to. My ex-wife has been trying to talk to me. She’s blocked. I’m good with just being alone and being with my babies. I really want to enjoy these years with them. It all goes by so fast.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I know I will! Love you guys!

It’s the weekend, lets party?

We are hosting a bbq tonight for friends. We all have been having a very boring end of summer (Thankfully so) and I decided to get the group back together for some fun. We are going to hang out at the house, cookout and play cards tonight. It’s going to be a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see everyone again and be among adults again. I love my kids and they are finally at the age where it’s all fun and no more tantrums on an hourly basis. I miss hanging out with my friends.

I’m getting ready to hit the stores. My nanny is on the way to watch the kids for a few hours while I get all the things we need. She is working out very well. She asked me not to use her first name on here so I will just call her my nanny. Easy enough. She’s great. The kids like her, they listen to her and she is very interactive. It’s been a big help having her come over as needed. I’m trying to balance my life out a little better. She comes by on our preset schedule and when I do need her for something she is available. It was a good choice.

The kids are doing great. It was a hard adjustment coming back here without Talon. That nearly killed me but I am dealing with it and trying to make the best of a really bad situation. His room has been turned into a spare bed room that we don’t open. It’s too hard for me. I miss him more than I can express.

I hope everyone is having a chill weekend. We are going to party like it’s 1999….no. We are going to party like adults with nothing but fun in mind. I might even bust out the guitar and dust it off for a few firepit songs. We will see.

I just got all of the messages returned and posted the latest photos and videos on our Family Facebook page. Thanks for checking it out guys!

Rowboat Book Club Book #69

The Fault in Our Stars is a sweet little book. I hope you guys will enjoy it.

Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel’s story is about to be completely rewritten.

Insightful, bold, irreverent, and raw, The Fault in Our Stars is award-winning author John Green’s most ambitious and heartbreaking work yet, brilliantly exploring the funny, thrilling, and tragic business of being alive and in love.

I just Jeff Lewis’ed all of my nannies and then hired a brand new one

I had a family meeting this morning with all 3 of my former nannies, Sarah, Heather, and Brandi. I decided not to re-hire any of them and hire a new girl. The reason is simple. I want them all to start on their nursing careers. I love them. God knows I couldn’t have done any of this without them but I know I’m holding them back. When we moved back to Chicago I wanted them to at least come on the weekends for a few hours so I can go to the stores. We started that but then I thought I’m ruining their personal time. I made it official. They are not coming back to work with me. They are family, they are welcome to visit, stay, hang out with us any time and some of them have. That’s where I need it to be. I don’t want to hold them back. Especially Sarah. She has a really great job and has done so well. I don’t want her to quit just for me. She said she would because it’s a lot more money for her. I don’t need a live in anymore. I just need someone a few hours a day. Maybe not even that. I told the new girl we can go day by day at first until we find the right schedule. She is not a nursing student or even a nurse. She is a full-time nanny.

We all were sad. It’s the official end of an era. And then….

I got a call last week from the adoption agency. They have a little girl who needs a home. I freaked out. I said no right away. I’m not ready. The truth is I was going to wait until January of next year to start the process all over again. I do know that it can take up to a few years for me to find a little girl. I’m not ready. I don’t even know if I will be ready in January. Right now I’m just focusing on my kids, taking time on myself. It’s going really well.

She is going to start tomorrow. Just for a few hours after supper to see the night-time routine. By that time of the day I’m fried out. I’m hoping this works out. I just need a little help here and there. This will also make it easier for doctor’s appointments.

Wish us luck!

I think we’re done designing?

You need to update your Gravatar?

What’s a Gravatar?

Log in and fix it. Add a photo if you want.

Okay what’s the login and url?

I don’t have that!

I don’t either. Is it gravatar.com?

No. Wait. yes. Wait. S**T. Oh my #@#$# God just fix it!

That’s how I woke up this morning. Lindsay has no concept of 4am phone calls. That means It was 2am wherever she was and she was still awake. Just my luck.

So guys, I think we’re done! The design is what I wanted. The only thing I don’t like is the huge feature images but she’s looking for a plugin that will resize that. I’m also not very happy about the excerpt sizes. There’s a plugin for that too.

What do you think? I made the text colors bolder so you can actually read them. I had a few of my recipe friends tell me they can’t see my vegan food links anymore. Hope that fixes it. I also tried out about 30 different default text font styles to pick this one. It’s bigger and rounder and I think it works. My audience is mostly women and some of them use glasses to see what I’m up to.

Thanks for all the great comments guys. I’m glad you like it. It was time for a change. We may tweak it here and there but for the most part I do think it’s all functional. Enjoy!

Love ya’ll!

We are almost through Hurricane Blog Design

So many fights…this (@#$)*#@ blog design stuff!

We are finally almost done with the new look for my blog. I sort of like it, but not the 3 stack grid. That part need to be 2 lines and not going down in order then on the other side down again. I don’t like it. I like what they call the magazine layout. The colors are also in process. I’m trying to make it look perfect. Lindsay is trying not to kill me and even threatened at one point to fly out here and shove all 752 posts straight up my ass Lol She’s a little stressed over it too.

At least the brightness is gone.

Please donate to the American Red Cross ahead of the Hurricane Florence relief. I did this morning. They are about to get ripped to shreds and I pray to God they all GET THE F OUT OF THERE! Anyone that stays, God help you.

Sad new about Burt Reynolds. I have read he wasn’t the nicest guy and caused a lot of problems with people in his life, however he was a great actor. I really enjoyed watching his movies. Smokey and the Bandit will forever be a cool movie, so many great one liners. That whole era of films is over but I will remember them.

And Peace sent out to Mac Miller. My dude, why? I don’t understand things like that. My life is so awesome. I know he’s better now but I wish someone could have helped him.

I just uploaded a ton of new family photos to our Family Facebook page. Go check those out if you have access. We are still locked and private on that one. It’s the best way to go 🙂

Have a great day, Batfans!


I forgot to post my fantasy football lineup for this year. Sorry!


There we go. It’s a solid lineup. We did the draft a while ago. I really think I’m going to win this year. That would be nice. My competition is all family so it should be fun. It’s something we like to talk about in our family group chat. I look forward to the entire Chicago Bears season! Go Bear!

I’m hosting a bunch of friends tonight to watch them slaughter the Green Bay Pack-nothing. I can’t wait to see the game. I haven’t been watching much pre-season because I’ve had a lot going on.

The new blog design will be up tomorrow. This bright bright is too much. Check back tomorrow guys!