We are almost through Hurricane Blog Design

So many fights…this (@#$)*#@ blog design stuff!

We are finally almost done with the new look for my blog. I sort of like it, but not the 3 stack grid. That part need to be 2 lines and not going down in order then on the other side down again. I don’t like it. I like what they call the magazine layout. The colors are also in process. I’m trying to make it look perfect. Lindsay is trying not to kill me and even threatened at one point to fly out here and shove all 752 posts straight up my ass Lol She’s a little stressed over it too.

At least the brightness is gone.

Please donate to the American Red Cross ahead of the Hurricane Florence relief. I did this morning. They are about to get ripped to shreds and I pray to God they all GET THE F OUT OF THERE! Anyone that stays, God help you.

Sad new about Burt Reynolds. I have read he wasn’t the nicest guy and caused a lot of problems with people in his life, however he was a great actor. I really enjoyed watching his movies. Smokey and the Bandit will forever be a cool movie, so many great one liners. That whole era of films is over but I will remember them.

And Peace sent out to Mac Miller. My dude, why? I don’t understand things like that. My life is so awesome. I know he’s better now but I wish someone could have helped him.

I just uploaded a ton of new family photos to our Family Facebook page. Go check those out if you have access. We are still locked and private on that one. It’s the best way to go 🙂

Have a great day, Batfans!

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