We are leaving Friday to move, no we’re not

I took the boys to school today so they can say goodbye to their friends. I am already to move, everything is done and packed and we are leaving tomorrow morning. I was going to wait until this weekend but I decided against it. Why wait when we are ready? I do have a lot of things to get done once we are home and I want to get started. I told the kids this weekend we were going home and they are happy. Alex’s appointment went very well. We can fly him home, FINALLY. I’m so happy he is okay. Sarah is flying out tonight after work so she can fly back with me and take care of the kids. I’ve already made arrangements for all of our stuff to get picked up in the morning, very early and shipped back home. I’m literally taking the clothes on our back with us on the flight home. Everything else, clothes, toys, kitchen things will be at our house by Thursday. We have plenty of things at home to wear and use.

The girls have worked very hard getting the house ready. I saw it on Facetime this weekend and it looks like our home again. I can’t wait to sleep in my bedroom. MY ROOM. Not the room with all the kids stuff, toys, and clothes all over the floor. I can finally have my spacious and quiet room back. It’s just going to be very hard because we are missing someone in our family. That’s a lot of the reason we stayed away for a while to be honest. Too hard.

Jen and I officially ended our relationship. I took her out for a nice dinner, we talked about the zero chance of a long distance thing and we kissed/hugged goodbye a few times. We are going to be friends. We will still talk and text but I’m single. I’m very happy to be single. I am not ready for anything serious and I’m not even sure I want to start dating right away. I think this time, let her find me. Whoever God wants me to be with will find her way into my life somehow. I have too much going on.

The boys will start at their new school/daycare place on Monday. Still 2 hours a day in the mornings and the occasional Friday of no school. It’s going to be hard for them to  understand but we will adjust.

How is everyone doing? Enjoy these last few months of summer, guys. it’s almost over with!


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