Is it summer yet?

Christmas is gone. Thank goodness. I love my family but I love the peace and quiet in my house more. We had a few days together to celebrate. None of which involved hitting a Christmas Eve Mass. My kids were not feeling that well and I was not going to go without them. When I announced that decisions a lot of the family said let’s skip it. I was shocked Lol But it was fine with me. I did miss it though. The Christmas eve mass is the best one of the year. It makes me feel loved, in sync with God’s will, and among my family and extended church family. I love going. Oh well. Next year.

The kids spent 4 hours opening up all of their gifts. It was ridiculous. Lindsay and Drew really went crazy this year. I did too though. I think as they get older my mind keeps thinking about the things they might think is fun as well as the practical dad gifts. Socks, new underwear, new coats and gloves, etc.

And for Christmas, Santa was extra happy with me because I ended up with something I’ve always wanted Lol I finally broke down and put it on my Christmas list only to find it on my doorstep a few days before Christmas. Santa wanted me to have it early. Fine with me! I love it, love it love it! And no I’m not going to say what it is.

We ate, opened gifts, ate some more, opened more gifts. When it was all over with the kids passed out in the Christmas paper and mess. My daughter had a bow stuck to her foot, we took a picture.

I just uploaded over 70 photos on our Family Facebook page for you guys to enjoy. It’s all of the last batch I hadn’t uploaded yet plus all of the Christmas photos. Yes we had matching pajamas. That was Lindsay’s idea. I wasn’t happy with little elves, I wanted Christmas batman pajamas but it was fine. We looked cool I thought.

Hope everyone is doing well. I’m very sorry to anyone impacted by the moron Donald Trump shutting down the entire U.S. government over his ******* wall. I mean geezus. It’s ridiculous. He’s mad some really stupid mistakes but this one has to be the top one. When is he fired? It’s soon, right?

I do not know any stocks at all. I did predict this stock market crash, 2 years ago btw, and am worried about everyone else that didn’t see the indicators all pointing to this happening. I don’t get any joy in being right. Please be sure you know when to sell off if you need to. Your money is your money. You can make that call and remove yourself from the roller coaster that is our stock exchanges.

So what’s next? A family vacation somewhere warm! After the new year we will be traveling very far south to enjoy some bright sunny days. We need it, I need it. A week away is just what I want. It’s going to be fun.

Anyone want to join us? Lol

Have a great weekend guys! I will update more next week! Love ya’ll!

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