Bringing in firewood is Hodor

We had a plan. It wasn’t much of a plan but its turning out wrong, which is pretty typical in my house. I have people here for the next few days. I don’t mind at all but I would like some help from the able body family and friends here and there. I have piled so much firewood in the garage it looks like I’m playing life size Jenga with life size logs of wood Lol I go fill up the firewood carrier or 2, someone gets the door for me. All they have to do is HOLD THE DOOR! That’s it. Finding someone that will do that is almost impossible. That’s been my 1 complaint…so far.

I love cooking anyway so it’s not a big deal to whip up food non-stop. The kids love having people here. Especially when 3 of them are the former nannies. I told them get up here. They all said no we can ride it out in the city. I said what if your power goes out and you have no heat in -20 degrees? They said what time should we come up. Thank goodness. I really don’t think the power in the city will go out but I’d rather not get a phonecall from one of them saying come get us during the worst part of this Artic blast. I made everyone call their parents to make sure they all knew where the girls were. We fixed up the rooms and had a uhh debate about NOT staying in the guest house because why? That lasted about 2 minutes while I googled how long does it take to get frostbite in -40 wind chill. I won and no one is staying out there. It takes 10 minutes in -60 wind chill in case you wondered. Yes it’s a very small walk from the guest house to the main house but there is ZERO reason to be outside.

So here we are, trapped. Okay we aren’t trapped. But until the bad part of this polar blast, artic swoosh, whatever it is goes away no one is going outside. Not even my dog. I bought 6 bags of puppy pee pads and he’s going in the laundry room. He didn’t get it at first. He just sort of stood there. I hooked him up on the leash to make him kind of get it and now he gets it. He barks at the laundry room door to let us know he has to go do his business. Thank goodness he learned quickly. The cats are fine. They were hiding from everyone in the house now they are hopping around and playing. If you sit on the couches or chairs the rule is you get a cat on your lap. I don’t know why, that’s the cats’ rules I guess. I just looked it’s 1 degree outside right now. 1. Tonight will be -20. And that’s why we have a house full.

How is everyone doing? Stay warm, go somewhere warm. Don’t go outside! We all hope to be out of here on Thursday morning. Maybe Thursday afternoon. It all depends. Luckily I have enough garage space everyone got to park their cars in there. I had the nannies take Sarah’s car that way it’s not 3 cars filling 3 spots. I guess Sarah didn’t want to drive (Who knows why) so that was also a debate but they got up here and it worked out.

Jesse said she will be fine. She and I are still casually dating and casually other things. It’s comfortable and nice. She is really fun to hang out with and I like taking things slow. I’m not in any rush for anything serious so it’s working out. She has a lot going on too so it’s just a matter of time until we have a discussion of what the future is here. I really don’t know.

Guys, we bought a Fortnite Monopoly game (Yes they have those) and we will be playing that tonight. Apparently I’m not allowed to be the banker because of the Lord of the Rings Monopoly game of ’17 Lol My orce landed on the Railroad and bought the only railroad left that Brandi needed. It turned into a GET YOUR ORCE OFF MY SPOT, NO HE LIKES IT THERE I’M THINKING ABOUT RIDING THE RAILS WITH HIM ALLLLLLLLL THE WAY AROUND THIS BOARD shouting match. So now I can’t be the banker because of that. In fairness, she can’t either so we made Heather the banker.

I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

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