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We got back from vacation a few days ago. I was going to stay the entire week but the kids were exhausted from all of the sun and fun. They wanted to come home. I didn’t. We got in way before the airport shutdowns and this huge *** snowstorm nailed us. We have fireplaces if the power goes out to help while the generators kick in and do their magic. So far so good here. How are you guys doing? I think this storm hit most everyone I know in some way. Thankfully it will blow through today and tomorrow. I hope at least.

I do have people that come out and snowplow the driveway and shovel the sidewalks in the front and back and I’m very lucky to afford that. When I was a kid we had to shovel it ourselves when my dad was out of town for work. When he was home he’d hop in the bobcat and just knock it out in a few minutes. We have plenty of food, water, anything we need. Today we are all hunkered in and no plans to venture out in this. The most I will do is let the dog in and out but he gets a sweater put on before he goes. We have shoveled his area so that helps I think.

The Bahamas was a very needed trip. I had so much fun playing with the kids. Jesse said it was a great vacation and she would love to go to the next one. I liked her being with us. It was a little weird I admit but after the first day it was fine. I wouldn’t say we are in love, I wouldn’t say we started to fall in love but I think we are getting there. Of course I’m taking things slow. I’m not in any rush to jump into a relationship with anyone right now. I like things how they are. She knows this. She’s fine with it. Keeping it casual is working and I like that we don’t speak every day. We aren’t to that stage yet. I just added about 42 photos I think (Was it 42?) to our Family Facebook page. There are about 4 photos of Jesse and I together. Yes she’s short compared to me but she is very beautiful and just my type. Blonde, sweet, and very easy to laugh. On to the next part of my blog post and things that need to be addressed today….

Speaking of needing a shovel, well guys, it’s that time of year again Lol I’m going to be dragged through the cybermud once again because Meri can’t let it go, let me go…whatever it is. She is once again trying to “prove” she didn’t have an affair. But all she’s doing is proving she had an affair. Why would any person on Earth continue to bring me up 4 years later unless she still has feelings. Now I’m not saying she’s in love with me. But she’s not indifferent and she should be. I’ve been indifferent with her for years. I simply don’t care. What I care about is WHY does she feel the need to go to such lengths as to keep this going?

It’s THE MONEY! This was the most interesting thing that ever happened in her life. Talking about it, feeding the fans of her show with more and more of it gives her the attention she’s obviously not getting at home. This is what she’s known for. Don’t believe me, go google her. This is what comes up. My affair with her. It’s ridiculous. I hope she gets a new therapist because 4 years of me living in her head is getting tiresome.

So welcome to all the new people reading my side of the story. My truth and PROOF are all over this blog and in my 2 books. Feel free to listen to the voicemails, read the text messages and tweets. My side is proven and in her own words she admits to the affair.

No I’m not a girl. No I’m not Jackie Overton. And no Jackie Overton NEVER Met Meri. That was Linsday. They look alike except the height and at the time the weight was off. Jackie Overton was drug into this because there’s a photo of her and her mom online somewhere or used to be, someone google reverse image searched it and BOOM, a photo that looks like someone is actually someone else. Instead of listening to me, a very small amount of the internet (Yes, the internet trolls of the land of social media) decided they knew the whole story, knew everything about it, and began their 4 year crusade. Even though none of them were there Lol

I’m actually a really nice guy, yes I am good looking, yes I am a vegan, and yes I am very tall (6’6″) but that’s about all of the truth you will be getting about me this season on that damn show. No I don’t watch it but I sure do hear about it. Ask me anything you want, I answer respectful inquiries. Other than that I don’t know what to tell you. Get the popcorn because Meri will do ANYTHING at this point to prove to people she’s not a liar, even though she really is.

THERE IS NO CATFISH. THERE NEVER WAS. Just a guy and a girl in love when the girl said she was divorced, living a separate life, and wanting out. It was a huge mistake in my life, I was in love with her even though no one believes that part, it didn’t work out, I left it alone. She NEVER HAS. She continued to contact me after it was done. The very last voicemail she ever left me says it all. She wasn’t going to leave me alone. She was going to hope for me to come back but when you realize that a relationship is not going anywhere, you have to choose yourself over it. That’s what I did. And I’ve been fine since then.

The annoying part of the year is here again, it will last until my birthday I’m sure. And we all get to see how much she loves talking about me. Please stop already. I have kids. I have a life and great things happening. I just want to be left alone. I will and have always defended myself and owned up to the fact that the affair was a huge mistake.




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  1. Love the title- so fitting! Its Gotta stroke the ego a bit…. guess you’re just so unforgettable….
    Just so sad this is how ppl make $$$$.
    Take Care Sam!

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