Happy New Year/Happy Birthday to my Blog!

How did Batman celebrate the new year? Well I don’t drink so we all know I was not sipping on anything that would make me drunk, half-drunk, or tipsy.

Yesterday I got myself all fancied up in a very nice black suit. The girl I am dating casually came over and we went out to a fancy restaurant to eat dinner with some of our mutual friends. The same friends that set us up in the first place. We had about 10 with us. It was a really great dinner. I don’t like to focus on the salad because most people think vegans only eat salad. However, this salad was amazing Lol It was fresh and crisp. The dressing was delicious and I wanted more of it. I did like my entrée. I couldn’t have the dessert but that’s okay. I had dessert later in the evening.

From there we went back to my place, got dressed in our evening attire and took car service down to a hotel for a giant party. This was hosted by her work and filled with many, many of her friends. This was our first party as a dating couple. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go but after she told me who would be there I decided I wanted to go. We had a very, very fun time dancing, laughing, sharing work stories with her co-workers. It really was fun. I didn’t feel like an outsider at all. No wonder she loves her job so much.

At midnight I had her in my arms as we were dancing then they started the countdown. I had to take my party hat off to kiss her. I laid a pretty good one on her. Enough for her to say let’s go upstairs Lol I had rented a room for us in the same hotel (Just in case). We said good night to most everyone and snuck off.

Skip to this morning. I’m home now, she’s on her way home. What a great way to start the new year Lol We stopped and got breakfast from a fast food joint downtown that serves vegan food as well as regular. I told her I will call her tonight. I need to get myself showered, changed and off to the city to get my kids. They spent the night with Aunt Lindsay at her hotel. They wanted to go swimming and she has 4 of her friends with her. I was surprised she didn’t want to party it up this year but she said she wanted a chill night with friends. As soon as I get there she will be heading to the airport to wisk herself off to the new adventure. She will be in Australia for all of this month. It’s her yearly visit there to keep her dual citizenship as well as to see her other half of her family. We will miss her but she deserves time off.

I hope everyone had a beautiful 2018 and will have an even better 2019! Thank you all for finding your way here. I appreciate each one of you that continues to read my blog and support me and my kids. Next Monday I will be signing paperwork to begin my search for my last child, a daughter. I don’t care how old she is, what race. I want her to be healthy and in need of a family. I know whoever she will be, she will be perfect for our family. I prayed on this decision and I feel in my heart it’s the right thing to do. After this, no more kids. I’m done.

2019, what will this year bring?

My blog is now 7 years old! Happy birthday blog(s)! I’m so happy I have you both!

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