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Planning a family vacation is no less than a heroic effort. Okay well it’s not that glorious but there is a lot of work to get it done. First I have to find helpers. That means 2 people I know will be getting an all expense paid vacation complete with their own room and whatever souveneirs they want. Gratefully for me it’s very easy to find helpers for my kids. I usually take the boys because I can wrangle them much better and I only need help to dish out meals and to watch my daughter. If we take 2 strollers it’s much easier.

The older my kids get the easier it is to deal with all of them. I also think having twins first made it easier to adjust to just having 1 baby to deal with. I have been doing a lot of day dates with each of them indivdually. Whenever I have family or a friend at my house I ask them to watch 2 so I can take one with me on short little fun things. Most of the time it’s outside in the guest house or it’s to a different room so we can play alone. I am trying to make sure I get quality time with each of them so I can learn their personalities. The funny thing is what they were as babies, they are as toddlers. Heston is my chill, quiet boy. Alex is the hyper, very curiously minded one who loves to communicate. My daughter Peace is also chill but she is very bossy. I think she has to be with the twins.

When we add in the 2nd girl I hope she softens. I think she’s really going to enjoy having a sister. At Christmas she had an extended amount of time with her little cousins, most of which are female, and she really enjoyed playing with them. I do miss having a mom around for them but I know in time I will meet the right woman to be in our lives.

My ex has started to finally give up on the hope of reconciliation. It’s taken her a long time to realize I’m not going to change my mind about her, ever. She didn’t want to be a mom, she wanted her youthful, fun life. I gave it to her. No amount of counselling she stuffed herself in will fix what she wants at her core. I used to miss her. I really did. It was hard getting the messages from her. Now it’s easier to ignore. I know a lot of it is she doesn’t know how to lose. I don’t know if that’s her upbringing or her job training, something inside of her has made her into a very competitive, not sure how to lose person. I don’t mind it but when I made up my mind overnight, I was done and I meant it.

The girl I’m dating now is very different. She wants to get together a few times a week and I venture out to make sure I am getting a break from the chaos of the house. It’s fun talking to an adult during the week. I tend to forget that I’m not the large child in charge, I’m also a guy Lol

I’m banking on this year being smooth and quiet. I need a little boring in my life. I really enjoy just being with my kids. I work on things when I can, this month I will be doing a lot of work calls and emails in Lindsay’s absense. It’s going to be an amazing year.

I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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