I did not watch that show. Why would I? I have been overwhelmed with questions, comments, and media inquiries this morning I decided to answer most of it on this post.

The reason why Kristie isn’t mentioned on my blog except (Maybe) one time? is because she was so insignificant in my life it was nothing. We dated each other for a month and a half. I broke up with her. I moved on and was happy to do so.

Lindsay NEVER had heart surgery Lol She had a great time with that one last night when I called to tell her she had heart surgery in 2015 and forgot to tell herself. That’s obviously a lie. Lindsay NEVER lived with Kristie. They were friends at the time, they hung out. No living together. Lindsay is not Jackson Walker. Lindsay’s last name IS Jackson. This whole story they are sharing came from the mind of Cheryl and Kristie. Why? To try to make me look bad and feed Meri with bs stories that are completely false just to re-enforce Meri’s catfish lie. THERE WAS NO CATFISH. Kristie saying I told her I love her after 5 days???? HUH????? No. We did say we loved each other but it was after a month or so and it was the casual Love ya stuff. We had feelings but I was very held back because I was starting to realize she wasn’t a good match for me. She was controlling and a lot of drama. I can say from the images of last night’s show that were sent to me by fans, that’s not at all the Kristie I knew. She has gained a lot of weight. I almost didn’t recognize her at all. She lied to Meri. She lied to people watching the show. She lied to that family and it’s a shame.

I mean I get it, Meri needs other women to slog over to her family to say SEE LOOK, ITS TRUE. The problem is no one believes it. Not Kody, not her own daughter Lol And not her fans. Go look at Twitter today guys. Log in or just Search the hashtag #SisterWives. The fans are pissed. Not at me, at TLC for continuing this 4 years ago bs. They are pissed Meri still won’t admit that it was an affair and she was spiritually cheating on her spiritual husband with real sex and real love with real me Lol I’m glad that public opinion is changing however it shouldn’t have been on her side this whole time. It shouldn’t have even been a side because 4 years later, who cares.

Meri does.

She loves the attention. She loves parading these women who I either don’t know at all (Cheryl the stalker who read my blog for years but has never spoken to me, never met me, doesn’t even tell any real stories about me) and now Kristie who I dated for 6 weeks. You know how this all came up on tv? Because crazy Cheryl stalked Kristie as soon as she saw Kristie tweeting me on Twitter 3 years ago. They became BFF because Cheryl lied and said she knew me. Kristie was pissed because I broke up with her and loves begging celebrities to follow her on social media so she jumped on board.

This is a crazy ex, if 6 weeks earns that label. Why come out now? Why not speak up before now? Because she lured (Fish pun hahaha) Meri into believing her stories and got herself a celebrity friend and 15 minutes of fame on tv. Well played ladies. But the truth is already online in Kristie’s own twitter account.

Please visit Go to Tweets & Replies to make sure you can see all of the tweets and scroll waaaaaaaaaaaaay back. As far as you like. I did follow her a few years ago because I was trying to block her. I hit the wrong button. I did immediately hit block which did unfollow her or I guess cancel the request. You will see that and I do admit it. The problem is you can see her trying to get ahold of me, trying to defend herself, and yes, even saying I’m not on tv Lol I think she needs to delete that one. She got what she wanted. She wanted her little fame, she got it. Now hopefully she can go away too. I wasn’t in love with Kristie. She told me from the start she was divorced. She lied. Then later the story turned to she was legally separated. That was also a lie. I broke up with her the day I found out she was still married. And regarding this 10 list thing. She wrote a list of 10 things she wanted in a man. I said let me see what’s on the list. It was the usual things but she had forgotten to add Fun and Spontaneous. So I said you don’t want someone fun that makes you laugh? Or spontaneous that surprises you with romance or kindness? I said something like that but of course I don’t remember exactly what I said. That was all. I didn’t morph myself into her list Lol She is picking out things she remembers and twisting it to fit her lies. It’s sad. Oh hey, where is her proof? She’s on tv, she went all that way. Where is any real proof? I mean this is her big moment. Slap out some emails, texts, voicemails. Anything from me? Yeah, she didn’t. It’s not believeable. Sorry guys. She tried.

Anyone else have an ex go on national tv and continue to bash you and your friend 4 years later?

*raises my hand* This guy has 2 Lol

Have a great day everyone.

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  1. You are such a sweet man and you dont deserve any of this drama! I wish I could find someone as sweet as you!

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