3 kids + eggs = FIGHT!

My daughter’s approach to Easter egg hunting is a dainty little stroll into the backyard paradise we created for the kids in our family and friend group. Keep in mind we’ve been planning this blessed event for 2 weeks. She took her pink basket and began to just look around at all she owns. She then set her basket down and proceeded to follow the kids around and steal their eggs. Nice.

My sons approach to Easter egg hunting is more of an exhibit in Black Friday shopping mixed in with some punches and basket tug of war.

Ahhhhh yes, it’s that time of year again, when I get to see how my kids really do misbehave right in front of my closest family and friends Lol We call this the yearly Easter Brawl. Last year it wasn’t so bad because they were still too young to realize that there are prizes in every single egg. Nothing fancy but surely a surprise gift. My boys had a plan to stick together early until Heston punched Alex in the ear for raiding his basket. Then Heston punched his cousin and then his other cousin because they followed him to a honeyhole full of eggs he thought he owned. Alex kicked 2 kids, the dog, and lost a shoe in a tantrum that grass-stained his new Church pants as he rolled around crying “No Fair!”


That’s done with, thank goodness. Everyone had a very fun day. They are passed out and we just finished cleaning up the backyard. It’s a beautiful day and I’m really bummed I don’t have the boat out yet. I need to do that because random nice days like today would be good for a little stroll around our part of the lake to see what’s happened since last year. I love caterers. Have I mentioned that? They show up with food, they set up the food, they serve the food, they clean up the mess from all the food….and then they leave nothing but the scent of a food party and an enormous bill marked PAID IN FULL for my records. I also love that I didn’t even attempt to cook anything myself. I just bought the things they told me to buy and unlocked the garage fridge as soon as they showed up. Easy and easier.

Oh yeah, so Church this morning Lol Gathering my Catholic family and friends for Easter Mass is exciting and very bingo-like. I have to call out names to crawl into certain vehicles. The bingo part is when they realize who they get to sit next to. It’s either the wrong number they scowl at or it’s the exact person they want to sit next to as we hoard my herd to Church. The first vehicle was laughing as they all exited onto the sidewalk. The 2nd vehicle had a “misunderstanding” about the true meaning of Easter which turned into what I was told as a “Holy discussion with lots of kids covering their ears”. I blame my cousin Jeff for his not so Churchy-mouth Lol

Mass was great, so happy to be through Lent this year and not so happy to wade into a pew full of Taurus season gals with very tawdry hats on. The feathers were a bit much, but I mean it is Taurus season, this is all we can expect the next several weeks. Stephanie was there with her parents. I know this because I have her the grin and nod and promptly turned my back towards my family and ignored her so she’d get the don’t come over here hint. It worked but I did receive a sassy text later.

“Nice nod and turn, felt planned”.

No, not planned, just needed. I’m not ready to share her with the fam just yet. Today is not the day for that. Today was all about the kids and learning about Christ’s resurrection from the dead, as told by everyone around me. I’m still having a hard time believing he just up and disappeared, however I also saw my cousin Jeff eat and run today without as much as a See ya or a dirty napkin left behind, so I mean, it’s possible. Today represents the fulfillment of God’s promises to mankind. We are supposed to give thanks, be wholehearted, and offer our services to others in a show of gratitude and humbleness. We threw a brunch party on my very expensive lawn, hid plastic eggs filled with random candy and plastic toys, for some very nuknik kids that really didn’t deserve it, yes mine included.

After the egg hunt we all got to hear how boring it was, how they hated the candy and toy prizes. They wanted to go home, this place is stupid, I’m stupid (Gee thanks Gina, Barry, and Bentley), and my kids are the worst. Okay today they were all bad. Even my daughter but hey, I warned every parent beforehand. My kids think today is the one day a year I let them whale on each other. It’s really not but how can I break up every single fight when I’m inside dealing with the adult complaints.

I have my house back to ourselves and I’m happy. Another family holiday checkmarked off this year’s calendar. Now if I can figure out how to get Stephanie to come over tomorrow night late. Hmmmmmmmmm. Maybe we have some left over Reese’s chocolate eggs here, she loves those.

Hope your Easter was as fun (I hope it wasn’t this bad) for all of you! I love you guys! I will update more soon. I just put the photos from today on our Family Facebook page!

Game of Thrones is on tonight, guys! Woot!

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