Good to be back home

I had a really fun weekend with my son Alex in Denver. Mike and his mom made it up to visit us. The hospital stuff was routine and I’m waiting to find out all of the test results. It usually takes a week or so to hear back. Unless its something bad then I hear back soon.

We did manage to do a little shopping and get him some new toys. Of course we got the same toy for his brother because you know, sharing is caring Lol My daughter got a few things too. Mike’s mom has always been really good about picking out little outfits for her. As long as it’s pink we are fine.

We got home last night just in time for Game of Thrones. Did you guys see that? Wow! The battle was unreal. The dark smoke was a little annoying I had to stop and adjust the brightness on the tv a little. And the last scene. I knew Arya ran off for some reason I just didn’t realize what that reason was.

I’m home. Stephanie came over last night to say hi Lol Well and other reasons. She left early this morning. She’s a lot of fun.

Hope you have a great week!

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