I want you to come over tonight to meet my kids, OKAY!

I had been thinking about when Stephanie would meet my kids for a week or so. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for that. I wasn’t sure if they were ready for that. I really wasn’t sure if she was ready for that. I finally asked if she thought she was ready and she said she’s been dying to meet them. I still needed a day to think on it. I finally said yes.

Last night Stephanie came over after work and had dinner with us. The kids were all pretty shy at first. My daughter was the worst. I told them this is Daddy’s girlfriend Stephanie. They have no idea what a girlfriend is but when I hugged her for the first time in front of them I think they got it because they started to warm up to her. She brought them all stuffed animals which I thought was very sweet. I wasn’t expecting that at all. She’s smarter than I am obviously Lol We had a great time cooking together while the kids stood near the kitchen to watch every single thing we did. We both served their plates and sat down to eat. It was a little weird but then Heston started blabbing away about how yummy green beans are. That sort of broke the ice. Alex was talking too but my little Peace was kind of quiet.

After dinner we took the kids for vegan ice cream at this place downtown that is new. They really started to warm up to her then and by the time we drove back home we were all singing a Mickey mouse song they love. It turned out great and I’m really glad I decided to move forward with it.

I got the baths done while she cleaned up the kitchen. I didn’t ask her to, she just did it and then we both put them to bed. Peace did give her a hug goodnight but no kisses. The boys both gave hugs and kisses so that was cool. And then we went to the living room to talk about everything. She ended up spending the night and I told her it will be nice this weekend for her to finally hang out and stay with us instead of sneaking in and out of the house late at night. I told her she can bring over some clothes to keep here that way its easier. She was very excited about the whole idea and I think it’s time we finally get a woman, strong enough to deal with me and my kids, back in our lives.

Guys, I’m starting to fall in love with Stephanie. We haven’t said it yet but we both feel it. We did talk about it a little and then I got shy Lol She said my face got all twisted up and I turned red. That sounds about right.

She really is sweet and funny. We laugh all of the time. I’m really having a great time hanging out with her. It would be so fun to start taking her with the kids to places we want to explore. She is learning to communicate with my boys a lot faster than I thought. It’s really nice to know she’s willing to try to understand them when they go so fast or skip words. They just get excited talking to anyone new. I warned her this is good behavior. She’s eventually going to see the fighting, yelling, crying, screaming that I have come to not enjoy at all. That’s part of life though and you have to be calm and loving through all of it.

I’m happy. Finally, huh? It’s been a rough year, I’ve been completely alone trying to figure out my dating life. I’ve had a few dates here and there and I really tried to stay open to the idea of love again. It’s finally happening and I’m so excited. I was tired of being alone. I never wanted to be alone forever but I also knew I had to find the right woman.

After everything I’ve been through and all of my horrible decisions about women I think I finally made a good one. We will see how this goes but I’m so hopeful. Stephanie is awesome!

Work is going good. I’m still working half days and then I spend my afternoons getting the kids off to their things they do or having some alone time if the nanny takes them for me.

I hope everyone is having a great week. I just uploaded 2 selfies Stephanie and I took last night for my Family Facebook page. Go check it out and see how happy I am. That’s her. Isn’t she beautiful?

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