We are in Denver

Good morning Batfans. I’m in Denver with Alex for some more testing. He had a bad set of test results back home, nothing major and so that led us back here. His lungs are doing great, finally. I think we are over that hurdle. He has a small infection that is being treated with antibiotics and I’m so thankful they are working. This is his routine 6 month checkup after all of the surgery and things he went through. I’m happy to say things will go smoothly this time. We will be here a few days. I decided not to bring out the fam, it’s much easier with just 1 kid. I think Heston needs a little break from his twin, also.

Mike and his mom are going to drive up tonight to hang out with us. It will be so good to see them again. They are doing great. They love Colorado Springs and the house I sold to them is working out well for both of them. I’m so happy the love it there. We had a lot of great memories there while Alex was recouping. And of course there is Jen Lol I will not be seeing her this trip. I did let her know we were coming in case she read it on my blog and got mad at me. We are friends, we still spend a little time talking to each other. It’s so interesting after you breakup with someone the new dynamic that is formed. She’s a great young lady and I know someone (other than me) will make her every happy.

Today it will be about running Alex through some tests and see how things are going. He hates this so much but I need to know how he is doing. It can be stressful I just have to be there for him and let him know it’s all okay. After the hospital stuff we are going to go hang out and do something fun.

This weekend is going to be low key and quiet. I look forward to a full night’s sleep finally. Alex doesn’t wiggle too much in the bed next to me so we both might get a great weekend of sleep. I sure hope so. We will be leaving here Sunday afternoon.

I hope everyone had a great week. Stephanie have taken our relationship to the next level and I’m happy to see where this can go. It’s fun having a smart and funny girlfriend. The banter back and forth cracks me up. She’s also much more age appropriate for me. I tend to date the younger blondes and that has never worked out. We will see how things go. I am very hopeful with her, I look forward to getting home and telling her all about my weekend.

Have a great time tonight guys, TGIF! Enjoy your day! Love ya’ll!

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