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Hey guys! I miss you I hope you miss me too. By the amount of messages I just responded to, I’m going to say yes.

First I’m so glad you guys are loving our Periscopes Lol They are really fun to make. It’s a quick way to update everyone on where we are, what we are up to and how the kids are doing. I didn’t realize that would be so popular. We have done those Facebook Live posts but it’s different. Thanks for all the great comments while I’m filming those. We’ve only done 5 so far but I will keep it going since you guys like it so much. For anyone not in our Periscopes, its not under NotbatmanYet. Just ask me for the name and I will send it.

We have been traveling a lot. It’s not even the start of summer but this year we are going everywhere. June 21st is the official start of summer but I feel like we needed to get out of all of this rain and bad weather. It also helps I have my own plane and a girlfriend who absolutely wants to go anywhere we go. She is loving our weekends and so am I. I feel like we are getting closer and more connected every week. We still haven’t exchanged the I love yous yet. I will let you know when that happens. Soon I think, very soon. Stephanie is such a wonderful woman. She is perfect for me. I love hanging out with her as much as possible. We text during the day a little and at night it’s just a given she’s coming over Lol We can’t help it. We are all over each other after the kids go to bed. I never knew my house had so many fun places to have sex Lol We are definitely having fun with that. It’s been a really fun relationship and one I’ve wanted for a while. It sucked being alone with no one to talk to or go do stuff with. She really is making my life happier and fun.

The kids Lol My gosh guys. These kids are growing up so fast. The boys did very well in school. My daughter is going to start next year. I think giving them all a little boost as soon as I can with their education is the best thing.

My work is going great. I work on the emails and I show up at the office maybe once a week to see how things are going. It’s almost like I don’t do anything but cash in fat checks monthly that Lindz is working her ass off to make us. It’s great. I love it.

We have a very heavy travel schedule. This weekend we will be in Miami Beach, Florida. Yes I know some of my beach bum friends will be waiting! I can’t wait to introduce Stephanie to you ladies! I really think you all will get along with her well. I did warn her you ladies love to party and go out turnt up so she’s prepared, I hope. We are leaving when she’s off work. She brought her suitcase over last night so we can leave right from here. I’m taking 1 nanny with me, Heather, she wanted to come. I wonder why, it is the beach Lol

I’m still rocking the no beard look and I did get a new hairstyle, again. Check out our Family Facebook page as well as our new Periscopes. You will either like it or hate it. Let me know. I will update after we get back home. See you guys later, have a wonderful weekend! I love ya’ll!

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