Weekend with Stephanie

Hey guys. How is everyone? Who’s going out for Cinco de Mayo tonight? Well I guess today also. Anyone? I’m not. I’ve already had all of my weekend festivities and I’m tired. Stephanie left a little while ago. She had to get home to do laundry, go get her groceries for the week and take care of things at her apartment. We are all invited to come stay at her place next weekend so we can see how that goes. I already know how it will go but that’s okay. I accepted and I’m looking forward to seeing my kids over there. We will have to put the boys in the same bed because it’s only a 3 bedroom but we will work it out. Peace will have her own room so I like that a lot.

The Stephanie weekend went very well. She was helpful, nice, and fun for the kids. Peace did warm up to her and we all had to adjust to how things go. The kids just wanted to sit on her the whole time. They are such snugglers. We spent a lot of time trying to do things with them and at night we spent more times doing things to each other Lol I’ve had more sex the past 3 days then I’ve had in a loooonnng time. That’s not the main reason she stayed, however, it was a giant bonus. I told her the sooner we try to see how the kids are with you and how you are with the kids the better for me to talk more indepth about dating. She agreed and was up for the adventure.

I’m tired. It was a lot. She even said she was tired which is good beacuse she needs to get this parent thing is full time. I don’t get a break unless the nannies take them for a few hours.

I did like waking up next to her in the morning. That made it all feel more real and I guess feel comfortable. She loves to snuggle. I had to keep the dog out of the bedroom and that was a small issue. He’s so used to sleeping at my feet. The kids did come into the room and they let him in so I would wake up with him there either way.

I would give this weekend 2 thumbs up. I mean I did score the weekend at her place invite. That means it went well, right? I think it’s working out fine. We did not even get near the I love yous yet. I’m not ready. Frankly, I don’t know when I will be ready. It’s going to take time. I don’t think she’s ready either. I’m good if it happens later, like the end of this year Lol Maybe sooner, I don’t know guys. It’s hard to gauge that, especially the first one. You can’t leave it hanging out there. It’s awkward.

So how is your weekend? Anything new and exciting going on? I just uploaded the photos from this weekend to our Family Facebook page, check it out. I put a bunch of photos of Stephanie with the kids. She looks so happy and beautiful.

I will start getting back to all of your messages later. I need to go get clean things up and put my house back in order. I hope everyone has a great Sunday! I will update more this week. Work will keep me busy but I should get some free time in the afternoons. I love you guys!

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