Cooking up a storm

Hey guys. So over the weekend for some dumb reason I let my friends/former nannies dye my hair blonde Lol Yes, blonde. Not that shiny too bright yellowy blonde. The subtle hints of blonde that went into my naturally brown hair. I guess this is the summer Sam I always wanted to be? I don’t know. I don’t regret it but boy am I getting the comments. I already posted the Periscope while we were doing it and I loved all of the comments from the ladies. The guys were begging me to stop Lol I feel very 90s boy band-ish now. It won’t last. They said the hair color will last about 6 weeks and then we either do it again or I leave it alone. I don’t mind 6 weeks of trying out something fresh.

I just uploaded a bunch of photos to our Family Facebook page so head over there after reading this to check out my new look, it’s different. I don’t look half bad. I’m already very tan so I think it makes me look better, younger? I don’t know.

I have been cooking nonstop because I’m working on my Vegan Cookbook. I’m not going to sell it because I believe vegan food tips should be free plus I’m not a real author. We all know this. I’m a very passionate want to be chef though and I always dreamed of going to cooking school. I can’t because the damage to my left hand is so bad my knife skills are horrible. I try really hard to make things look nice while I’m chopping/cutting but it comes out uneven. I would never pass. There’s no surgery to repair it so that I could heal up and go to cooking school so I let that dream go. This will be a free PDF book you can download here and on Amazon. It will be out early next year so I’m taking the rest of the summer and fall to continue to try out recipes. All winter long I will edit the ones I like and start taking photos of it and writing things up. It’s going to be a big process but I’m very excited about it.

Vegan food is the healthiest food you can eat. You are trying to feed your body for fuel. A lot of people eat just to eat because they have to. I look at it as I’m fueling myself for whatever I’m doing that day. If I know I’m going to workout hard in the morning, do a bunch of physical chores or be very busy I like to load up on that day. On the days I know it’s just hanging out at home with the kids, for me it’s smaller meals with more snacks because my kids love to snack more than to eat a full meal so we balance it. I’ve really enjoyed always sharing as many recipes with my Newsletter group/Facebook group (Yes I have those things) and try the very best I can to answer as many questions about being a vegan as I can. I do try out regular food but most of the time I don’t like it. However I do get a craving here and there and very rarely I will cross the line and go grab something I know is bad for me. So that’s also part of my summer plants.

Travel. Oh boy do we have a lot going on. Stephanie did manage to get time off to join us in Tokyo. She will be going overseas for the very first time. I’m really excited for her because she is going to love it. The culture, the food, the fun. It’s a special part of the world. We will be leaving soon and I will go silent on all social media because a big trip like that with my kids is going to take my full attention. When we get home I will update all accounts and then post all of our videos and photos. The one exception is I am going to try to Periscope from there. It’s my new thing, I’m getting more into it and I love how interactive it is. The comments start flying and I just laugh at all of the crazy things people say. They are mostly shocked I actually exist and I’m not a girl I think Lol I tried to tell ya’ll Meri was lying this whole time. So now we are exploring the many things Periscope can do and since it’s so handy via my iPhone I am enjoying sharing my experiences. My kids love it. They are all hams just like their daddy so of course anytime I’m filming they are involved.

I’m really living my best life right now. I have a beautiful home, 3 amazing, smart, kids and the best girlfriend in the world. Stephanie and I are practically inseparable right now and I love it. She really is perfect for me and the kids. We are a package deal so I’m very fortunate to have found her.

Guys, I might be falling in love with Stephane. And I just grinned even typing that so I better get this wrapped up Lol I know she’s going to read this in a few minutes because she follows me on Twitter and will get a notification.

Babe, want to come over for dinner tonight? I am inviting you 😉

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