It’s almost Tokyo time

This year’s big trip will be to Tokyo, Japan. I’ve been there before and I love it. I want my kids to see the city and really get a good look at the history of the entire country. I’m trying to expose them early so that when they are older they stay excited to travel all over the world. Lindz will be going with us and finally taking a real vacation. She has been working nonstop and it’s time for some downtime/family time with me and the kids. We’ve been planning this trip out since January and I’m very happy to say we are all ready to go. We are leaving in 2 weeks. Stephanie is not able to join us she has to work. She is bummed out but asked for photos so she can see all the fun.

Are you guys doing any summer vacation trips this year? We have a lot of smaller trips planned out but for now we are staying home until we get back from Tokyo. I would love to take Peace to South Korea when she’s older so she can learn where half of her life started.

We have been hanging out at the house all morning and are about to roll into town. I think we need to pick up some new shoes for the boys (again) and probably get haircuts for everyone. The rest of the day will be hanging out and working on our colors and numbers.

Have a great day guys! I wrote up our Miami Beach trip post and will add that later. I just wanted to do a quick one for now and also let everyone that asked for my family Periscope account on here, it’s now sent to you all. The ones asking for it on Facebook and Twitter I will send it out later today to you guys. Thanks for your interest. I’m loving the feedback Lol Yes, I’m a dork but I love my kids and I’m so happy to share them with you all.

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