Breakfast Picnic, It’s a Bricnic?

Good morning Batfans. It’s been a solid minute since I have updated. Let me catch you up.

I broke up with Stephanie almost 2 weeks ago. She wanted me to make a commitment to her and asked me think about us moving into the next level. Our versions of the next level were really far apart. I wasn’t ready to go where she wanted me to be and so we broke up. I told her I’m sad that’s how things ended up but I’m not going to be pressured into anything anymore. I’ve made that mistake in relationships. It sucks because I was just beginning to have feelings for her. So I’m out here dating, again. It’s actually not so bad. I like meeting new woman and getting to know them. My dates have been going well and it’s fun to try out new restaurants.

Because of that we didn’t go to Tokyo for our family vacation. I took the family to Disney World. I wanted to check out that new Star Wars area. Man, that place is so cool! We went on 2 very hot days so everyone was miserable, which made me miserable. I think the kids had more fun in the hotel swimming pool rather than the actual theme park.

I just uploaded all of our photos and videos from that weekend to our Family Facebook page. In fact I just uploaded about 80 + photos. I had so much on my iPhone I didn’t realize I had all of those. My blonde hair is still present and accounted for Lol It’s different but I can tell it’s getting a little bit darker. I’m used to it now and so are the kids. I’m sure I don’t ever want to do this again but I do love changing up my look on a monthly basis. Speaking of that, I just shaved this morning. No more beard fuzz, no more itchy facial hair. I look young. I’m aging very well I’m kind of surprised by that. It also helps I’m really tan right now.

Let me see what else? My great aunt died. She was a huge part of our family and I just can’t believe she’s gone. We went to the funeral the other day and got to catch up with some family I don’t see often. I took my kids with me but did not allow them to go to the actual funeral or burial part. They met up with us at the restaurant we all went to afterwards. I really do need to do a much better job of keeping up with my family. I am horrible at that stuff. I did add a bunch of them to our Family Facebook page so you might start seeing some comments from a new group of folks.

This morning I decided to make a picnic for breakfast. When everyone woke up we went out to the gazebo that overlooks Lake Michigan. The kids ate and then decided they needed to go play on our private beach. It’s a nice cool morning here so I’m just chilling watching them play. We have to go inside soon so they can get ready for their day camp. All 3 of them go to a local place where they are making new friends and learning all kinds of things. I send my nanny with them. My kids always have me or an adult I know and trust with them. Even going to the restrooms. I’m a helicopter dad and might always be but I don’t care. I need to know my kids are safe and I need to know who is around them at all times. I’m not using my nannies as much as I used to because the kids are getting older and I don’t need as much help. Mostly just for traveling or at night for a little while.

What else is going on for me? I think that’s about it. I have a trip to Colorado Springs this weekend. Just a quick there and back. I was going to head back Saturday night but I might just head back Saturday after lunch. We shall see.

Oh and the last update, I bought us new vehicles. We traded in the Escalade and Range Rover for 2 new Range Rovers. I got really good deals and I’m very happy that’s what I did. I’ve been so happy with the Range Rovers that I’ve owned. I’ve finally got the kids stuff we travel around with nailed down to 3 backpacks. I used to lug around so much stuff Lol I have to put one of the boys in the 3rd row and my daughter and one boy in the 2nd row. That works out for the best. We used to have a lot of hitting when the boys were next to each other. Now it’s a lot of watching a Disney dvd while we drive and some random singing.

Life is pretty quiet and boring. I love it! Work is going good and having Lindsay here now is always entertaining. We will be low key doing 4th of July. I hate the fireworks, it does scare me a little. Just grilling out and have some friends over. It may rain so that may squash any big plans we had.

Happy 4th of July, upcoming guys! I love ya’ll, be safe!

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